Is My Relationship Coming To An End?

We have all been there at some point in a relationship. The initial bloom has faded, and we are left wondering whether our once promising relationship is coming to a grinding halt.

The signs can be very confusing. There will of course be a natural drop in the excitement levels after a while. You have started to get used to the other person, and let’s face it, you won’t be having as much sex as you once did.


Yet there are reals signs that things are in trouble, and the relationship could be coming to an end. Do any of these match anything that may be happening in your life?

Here Goes!

Picking Fights

Are you finding your partner irritating more than you have ever done before? Are you arguing more? If so, this is a really bad sign.

Relationships need empathy and compassion. If that isn’t happening, it is destined to fail. You may well just be coming to the end of it’s natural cycle.

You Imagine Life Without Your Partner

At the start of your relationship you really can’t imagine life without your partner. Even if you are not planning weddings and babies, the day you are not together seems a long way off.

However, if you start to think things may be better if the other person wasn’t there, then there is a problem. Maybe the house would be tidier, or you could go out and watch more football?

If you start to visualise yourself as single, the day you are may not be too far around the corner.

Conflict between man and woman

Forgetting The Little Things

At the start of a relationship. We like to do little things which makes our partner happy. It can be something like bringing them a cup of coffee in bed, or giving them a cuddle when they get back from work

However, if you really aren’t that bothered about doing the little things that make your partner happy, then it is maybe time to move on.

There Isn’t Any Sex

OK, after being in a relationship for a while, you won’t be having as much sex as you did at the start. But that doesn’t mean you should be having no sex at all.

There may be reasons that your sex life has died off, but in the end, one of them could be that the spark is gone.

If this is the case, you really do have a decision to make.

Communication Breakdown

The key to a good relationship is communication. Without it, minor issues can flare up into fights and you’ll both end up feeling very unhappy indeed.


If you don’t want to talk about things that are going on in your life anymore, then it could well be a sign that you are losing interest in one another.

There is Hope

The good news is that there is still a chance to turn it around. The first step on the road to fixing a problem, is identifying it in the first place. The question you must ask yourself is, do you really want things to work?

Why not have a chat with one of the Dundee escorts? They may not know your situation, but can most likely give some dispassionate advice if you make an appointment.

If you are having problems in your relationship, then we hope it works out for you, one way or another.

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