A Guide To Meeting Escorts

Meeting an escort is something they don’t teach in sex education class, and is not something every father or uncle can or will explain to his son or nephew. This leads to a real problem for guys wanting to visit escorts. Just what the hell do you do? This is why Escort Scotland is here to help!

Here we will discuss some etiquette and tips around meeting an escort, so you needn’t feel like you’re in the dark any longer.

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Being Polite

First, remember that the lady is just another person; you should be as respectful and polite as you would be to any other stranger in a service career (barber, mechanic, chef, bartender, etc.).

Be respectful of her time and keep or cancel appointments with plenty of notice so she can properly accommodate you.

She likely prefers to remain discreet, so be mindful not to blow her cover by showing up unprepared to find her. If you arrive and have any questions, call her direct line from your car and be sure no one will hear your conversation. This type of confusion can be avoided if you make sure to ask for any special directions or room numbers so when you arrive you look like you know exactly where you’re going.

You should never mention the woman’s working name to or within earshot of any neighbours, hotel staff, or random bystanders.

Before your appointment please communicate your desires and expectations for the session, and validate she is comfortable to provide the exact services you desire.

Be Careful!

Never, ever, request services be performed without the use of the proper prophylactic device (A condom). It is unsanitary and disrespectful to any true professional.

Be sure to shower before the appointment, or at the appointment if it’s offered, however do not shave your genitals for at least twenty-four hours before the appointment. Shaving can cause tiny lacerations to your skin that easily transmit Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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Be sure to tell her about any allergies or scent preferences you have so she can properly prepare herself, and her environment if she’s having you come to her place.

If she’s traveling to you, please take the time to pick up after yourself – it’s only polite. Think about how you’d feel about a dingy, cluttered space with piles of dirty dishes in the sink versus how you’d feel in a neat, clean environment. Aim for the latter if she’s coming to you.

Before the appointment is also a good time to ask her about any allergies, needs, or expectations she has.

Study Their Profile

Be sure to read her website for policies and preferences, study her a little bit. You don’t need to know her blood type, mother’s name, and shoe size; but the little extra effort to understand her expectations goes a long way and makes for the best possible session. She doesn’t write that stuff on her website just to show off her grammar proficiencies.

Be sure to have the agreed sum with you, and bring your own unopened pack of condoms. She’ll likely want to use hers (men will sometimes try to tamper with ones they bring), but it’s just a nice gesture and insures a safe comfortable session for both of you.

Cut your finger and toe nails the day of to avoid scratches and scrapes for both of you – it’s the professional thing to do.

Some things you may want to avoid prior to your visit include brushing and flossing (causes tiny lacerations in your gums, again opening you both up to possible infections). You’ll also want to avoid pungent foods and loads of cologne.

A good rule of thumb – if you want her tongue to touch it, it should not have any lotion, cologne, or deodorant products on it. Nice and clean, ok?

Don’t bring her any presents or flowers or food for her unless it was discussed when the session was arranged.

Remember Your Appointment Duration

Don’t overstay your welcome; even if you’re having a good time she likely has other things or even clients to attend to.

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Now if the opposite thing is happening and you find you’re not going to climax, it’s okay to tell her. She may have some suggestions for other activities, or perhaps you’d like a regular old massage instead.

Leave your form of payment for her as discussed or as outlined on the website – and if she’s hosting you at a hotel it’s expected you pay a little more to cover that cost.

There you have it, a little guidance on the world of meeting an escort! Whether it is an Aberdeen escort, Edinburgh escort, or one of the escorts in Glasgow or anywhere else, this should come in very useful!

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