The Pros and Cons of Working as a TS Escort

After over five year working in the industry, I have come to realise that sex work is a complicated thing. It takes a special kind of professional to be able to see a number of clients in a day and treat it like I would see spending a day in the office. On the flipside, if a sex worker hates every second of their daily work then they maybe aren’t cut out for this kind of job. If I hate my job, I can skive and do the minimum amount I can to keep myself off the radar of the bosses and not get fired. A sex worker will likely be having sex with someone they wouldn’t normally choose to be doing it with. It certainly is a test of your character, and it is even more complicated for transexual escorts, who find there are a number of pros and cons to working in the industry.

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No let us be clear; transexuals are just like any other people who enter the industry. They are no better or worse suited to having sex for money, they have to deal with idiot clients trying to get discounts. All the things traditional escorts have to deal with, they have to deal with also, so I am not going to dwell on all that. Still, it is fair to say TS escorts have special circumstances in a number of areas.

The Positives

Lets start with a major positive, namely, there are less of them. We have seen with female escorts that the amount there are makes it difficult for a number of escorts to get the amount of clients that they would like. That isn’t the case for everyone, but it is a recurring theme. However, with their being less TS escorts, those who want to see a TS have less choice so are likely to come back to the same names. That regular flow of clients is certainty a good thing.

Now it has to be said that there are less people who want to see transexual escorts. However, that number is definitely rising according to reports we hear. Yes there is the stigma of being questioned as to whether it makes you gay to see a TS, but more and more people are trying it (and enjoying it) as a forbidden fruit. It isn’t my scene, but there are countless people who do like it. Therefore it is a great time to be a TS escort as it is a side of the industry that is seeing a boom.

The Negatives

Now it is safe to say there are a number of things that make it difficult also. On a practical level, there are a many clients who are seeing a transexual escort for the first time. Therefore the session can be more hard work than the usual male-female encounter that everyone is comfortable with and where they know what they are doing. It is fair to say the best escorts are the ones who can make their clients feel comfortable, but in all honesty, there will be more people who need extra work to put them at ease.

Sadly, transphobic violence is a real thing. There are people who think the TS community are sick weirdos and coupled with the fact escorts have a tendency to work alone, they see easy targets for their hate. At the time of writing, we saw in Dublin a few weeks ago a string of assaults on transexual escorts. All escorts are of course at risk of attack, but the bigots have ‘extra incentive’ when it comes to this community.

In the end, there are pros and cons for transexuals working in the sex industry, above and beyond traditional escorts. It is always up to the individual whether they are suited to that kind of role. If they start to feel they can’t carry on doing it, they should leave. However, many find the positives far outweigh the negatives.

As ever, it is up to the individual. Freedom of choice is the key to the sex industry, and everyone, transexual or not, needs to think very carefully as to whether it is for them.

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