WWE Star Paige in Leaked Sex Tape (Video)

Well, 2017 has its first huge sex tape leak. This weekend, WWE star ‘Paige’ (real name Saraya Jade-Bevis) videos were put onto the internet, much to the delight of fans everywhere.

Paige from WWE
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One video features Paige performing a solo act with a vibrator, another engaging in oral sex, while there are others where she is seen having sex with men. One of the videos show Paige with two male wrestlers enjoying a threesome.

Other images show her posing in selfies taken in a bathroom. One rather naughty shot appears to show her after she had received a facial, with cum all over the WWE belt. This really have set the internet alight, and has also divided public opinion. Many think the money shot over the WWE belt should get her fired.

Eventful Year

It has been an eventful 12 months for Paige. She got engaged to former WWE star Alberto Del Rio after jumping into the ring of a rival promotion and proposing. She was later banned for drug use.

On October 10, the company suspended her for another 60 days for a second positive test, at which point she launched a tirade stating that stars at the very top of the roster are treated differently to those lower down when it comes to drugs and drug bans.

What does the Future Hold For Paige?

I have to say, I have no idea whether the WWE will take action against her. She does seem about as popular as a dose of the clap anyway, and this is hardly the ‘family entertainment’ that the company prides itself on. It won’t help her reputation with the top brass.

However, these videos have been stolen. It is hardly like she has uploaded them for a laugh. She may well dislike WWE management, but I doubt that this is one of those ‘leaks’ where the star is at the heart of it in an attempt to get publicity. In an industry like this, that would be career suicide. This strikes me as a hack, although I have been known to be wrong.

I actually spent some time working out if I should upload the video. It isn’t as if it isn’t easily findable on Pornhub, so where would the harm be?

Well, I just felt that if she doesn’t want it shared, it shouldn’t be shared. Yes, there is a snippet there, but that just gives you an idea of what the rest is like. In simple terms, we are a site that makes everything we do about consent. How could we look at ourselves in the mirror if we shared someone’s most intimate moments without their consent. We would be hypocrites

I really do hope that Paige gets through this troubling time. She certainly has our sympathy.

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