A One Minute Experiment on Sexism and Inequality (Video)

Here at Escort Scotland, we believe whole heartedly in equality. Men and women are the same, so should get equal rights. If different sexes do the same job, then they should get equal pay. That really doesn’t seem like rocket science, but in many countries, it just isn’t the case.

Take Switzerland for example. Women are apparently paid 20% less than equally skilled men in equivalent jobs. However, there is a campaign to right this wrong.

Every year they have ‘equal pay day’, where men and women alike campaign for equal rights for the ‘fairer sex’.

An Interesting Video

This video was done in 2013, but it remains as relevant today as the day it was shot. Men went up to a cash machine and asked to get 100 euros out. Instead they were only given 80!

Obviously they were not too impressed. Reactions ranged from anger, to confusion. Funnily enough, they are exactly the same reactions as those who seek to get equality for all.

The men were later told about the test, and the missing money was never taken out of their account

It is not just in Switzerland that there is inequality. All over the world, women aren’t getting the jobs they are entitled to, due to the sexist attitudes of certain men.

Before I get accused of being some sort of militant feminist, I don’t believe in positive discrimination either. If a guy is right for the job, he should get it. In a truly equal society, you don’t have well qualified men in the unemployment line, just to artificially make up the female numbers.

Escorting is True Feminism

To me, escorting is the ultimate feminist choice. As an ex-Inverness escort myself, I made the personal choice to become an escort. No-one forced me to do it, and nobody had the right to tell me not to do it.

When I gave up, I thought it was the right time for me. That is the only reason.

We have come a long way in the fight for equal rights (and I mean men who have helped as well) but we still, as a world, have a long way to go.

The fight goes on.

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