Arnie – ‘Pumping Iron is Like Coming’

I have never really been one for going to the gym. I just don’t get why people would feel so excited about going somewhere to feel pain. If I wanted to do that I would visit a Aberdeen dominatrix escort like so many lads I know do. This is why I just didn’t understand this video my mate sent to me over the weekend.

It was a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about his love of ‘pumping iron’. In the video he goes on about the rush of blood to his muscles, and says that it is like sex.

Apparently, Arnie thinks it’s like coming. So he gets to come at home and and when he is working out, making him a very happy man!

Well, if I knew going to the gym was like that, I may have gone a bit more over the last 25 years. On the other hand, I can’t help but think that Arnie may just have taken a few too many steroids on the day of the interview.

Do we have any gym obsessives out there? Is going to the gym as good as having sex? Go on; convince me!

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Martin Ward

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