News Reporter Looks Through Flight MH17 Suitcase Live On Air! (Video)

Viewers are calling for a news reporter to be disciplined as he was shown looking through suitcases of the MH17 victims at the crash site… live on air.

Live From The Crash Site

Colin Brazier, from Sky News, was at the scene of the crash, commenting on the fact that luggage and personal items of the victims were thrown all over the location.

As the camera looks around, Brazier decides it would be wise to pick items from a suitcase and comment on them.

Morally Wrong

While picking up the items, Brazier discusses what they are, such as a child’s water bottle and a set of keys. He realises too late that this may not be the best course of action, as he can be heard saying “we really shouldn’t be doing this, I suppose”.


Here at Escort-Scotland we still can’t work out just what made him think it was a good idea. The items will be very important to family and friends of the victims, and he is showing no respect by doing this.

Respect is very important, Perhaps Brazier will learn his lesson now.


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