Mile High Club Earns Air Hostess £650,000!

At some point or another we have all dreamed of joining the mile high club. The thrill of having sex thousands of feet in the air, with other passengers around you and the risk of getting caught is a huge turn on. In fact, some of you might have been lucky enough to tick it off your bucket list already!

Retro Airline Stewardess or Attendant Posing Provocatively at her Vanity.

The main problem that people face is that the cabin crew tend to be pretty good at spotting the couples sneaking off for a quick shag in the toilets. Their eagle eyes can pick the naughty ones out of a crowd, which means you are much more likely to get caught. This ruins a lot of the mile high sex that people are trying to have.

Well, it has recently been revealed that one air hostess was using her position to help those wanting to join the mile high club, and it is believed that she made a huge £650,000 from the scheme in two years… just be joining the gentlemen in the bathroom for a hot and passionate fuck.

Making a little extra

Now you can hardly begrudge someone wanting to make a little extra money, can you? After all, working on the cabin crew isn’t as glamourous as others make it out to be. Yes, you get to visit exotic locations, but then while others are on the plane getting excited for the trip, you are running all over trying to get everyone the things that they need, and that can be very stressful.

It’s a tough job with long hours and very little thanks, so we can understand why some of the flight attendants might be eager to make a little extra cash. However, taking money to fuck the people you are serving drinks to in the toilets is probably not the way you were expecting them to do it.

One air stewardess has been caught out when she was discovered in the toilets on a plane with a man and was, as you might imagine, promptly sacked. It’s not the kind of attitude that you would expect from staff, and yet things only seemed to get worse when they found out this was a regular occurrence.

The hostess herself apparently admitted that she had been having sex with many other passengers during flights for a fee, and that the long distance flights were the best for it. It is reported that her fee for the “mile high liaison” was around £1,500, which she would get on every single flight.

Not the only one…

The airline that this was happening under hasn’t been named, as you might expect, but that hasn’t stopped the gossip mill from turning and churning out possibilities. Since we know that it was an airline in the Middle East, people are beginning to speculate… yet the biggest speculation that we are hearing about is that this isn’t a first, and that there are plenty of other cabin crew taking up this task.

The co-founder of the flight comparison website spoke out about the scandal, saying that “flight attendants have always had a special charm with their passengers; while some attendants choose not to cross a line and take advantage of this, there are always going to be those who do.”

So it seems that stewardess being paid to sleep with the passengers and the crew isn’t unusual, and that many are making some extra cash simply by helping others to join the mile high club. In a way, you have to admire the fact that they have found a niche market and are helping people to fulfil their fantasies.

Joining the mile high club

Of course, if you want to join the mile high club you don’t have to pay a grand and a half to do it. In fact, you just need to be sensible about it and not get caught. The best way to do this is to plan the time that you choose to go to the bathroom perfectly. For example, you shouldn’t go shortly after everyone has eaten (you don’t want to leave and find a long queue waiting!) or when it is getting close to landing, as people will be eager to go and use the facilities.

Instead, keep an eye on the numbers going to the toilets on the plane. Is one used more than another? If so, go to the other one to minimise your chances of getting caught. If you want to have a more peaceful shag mid-flight, going in the middle of the day is not ideal. Instead, try for when most of the passengers are asleep and sneak off to the toilet before your partner to avoid arousing suspicions.

Those lucky enough to be flying first class will have nice, secluded areas where you sit. This is the perfect place to fuck, especially if you can both sneak under a blanket and keep things quiet. As with the other times to have sex on a plane, you should make sure it isn’t when you are about to land. The last thing you want is to be getting to that peak of orgasm, only for the steward to come along and catch you because you should have had your seatbelt on for landing. Oops!

Are you one of the lucky ones who has managed to join the mile high club, or is it still just a dream for you? I know that I would love to join it, but I simply haven’t had the chance yet! Do you have some tips to share? You can let others know the best way to do it on the Escort Scotland forum. If you’d rather, you could tell us what you think about this stewardess’ antics by leaving a comment in the box below. Is she simply a savvy thinker, or do her sexy antics need punishing in a more severe way to show that it isn’t acceptable behaviour?

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