How To Impress A New Partner In Bed

Sex is a pretty intimidating task, especially with a new person. Okay, so we all like to think of ourselves as sex gods and goddesses, capable of giving orgasms with nothing more than a flash of skin, but that isn’t how it works. We wish it was, but it isn’t. Instead we have to put in a lot more effort and even then you aren’t guaranteed to give them a good time.

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The pressure we are under is unreal. You are expected to last long enough in bed to give them a mind-blowing orgasm or two, while having a penis that is just the right size. So many factors go into getting sex right that it can be hard to remember what the essentials are to impress a new partner in bed.

Thankfully here on Escort Scotland we have a few tips that are sure to help when you want to impress a girl in bed, so take a read through our guide and see if you can pick up some new tips to try out in the future.

Talk dirty

Dirty talk isn’t just something fun that you can do in the bedroom. It is actually a really practical thing to do, especially with a new partner, as you might both get so caught up in the moment you confess some of your deepest and sexiest fantasies which you can then explore together.

The key with talking dirty is to not go too far. This can be hard to do, especially when some people out there believe that sending an unsolicited dick pic is actually just harmless flirting, but starting out slowly is the key. Telling them how hot and sexy they look in that outfit, and pick out a certain part of the body that you think looks amazing. If they are in a figure-hugging dress, telling them that it makes their ass look so tempting to you. Let your gaze linger for a moment to let them know you are looking at them and love what you see.

From there you can move on to say that you’d love to see them out of their clothes, and that you are getting ideas of things you can do when the dress is on the bedroom floor. They might ask you for more information, which you can provide if you want to, but perhaps you should take the opportunity to ask what they would like to do. That way, you are creating a hot fantasy together.

Mix up foreplay

As a woman I can tell you that foreplay, like many programs you run on your computer, has a default setting. It tends to be a few kisses on the neck, working slowly down the body, with a little bit of oral sex and fingering before sex happens.

This can get very boring very quickly, and if you want to make your hot and steamy sex session memorable you need to step away from the usual foreplay techniques.

Not sure what to do? Make a game of it. Tell yourself that you aren’t allowed to use your lips on her until you have given her one orgasm. This will make you be a little bit more creative with the techniques you use, and she will love the change. You could even start at the opposite end of the body, and instead of kissing your way down try kissing your way up. The change in perspective will be a lot of fun for you.

Surprise her!

Sex tends to follow a routine, even with new partners, as we start to learn that A + B + C = sex. Instead of doing this naturally and on the spur of the moment, we will go through ticking boxes to make sure the conditions are absolutely perfect.

Here’s a not very subtle hint for you: the conditions for sex don’t have to be perfect. In fact, if they aren’t that can often lead to even hotter sex, because otherwise it is all too planned and neat. Sex should not be neat!

For example, if you walk into the kitchen and see her bent over the sink getting you a glass of water, come up behind her and wrap your arms around her waist. Press your rock hard cock into her ass and see what she does. She might moan at the touch and want more. Kiss her neck, teasing her nipples and reaching your hand down to rub at her clit. Having sex somewhere new and on a whim can be a lot of fun and will leave her with long lasting memories.

Make sex the absolute last thing

An article recently told us that sex tends to last, on average, no more than six minutes. Six minutes is not a long time to fuck, and for a lot of women it isn’t long enough to get to a good and satisfying orgasm. That is why, instead, you should be concentrating on making sex the very last thing you do in the bedroom.

We aren’t suggesting that people will have sex and then go to foreplay. What we mean is that you should spend as long as possible teasing her. Teasing and getting her to the brink of orgasm, before backing off again, will make her want sex more. If you continually do this, she will be begging you to fuck her and to fuck her hard. When you do finally give in, she’ll have an orgasm so intense that it will send you over the edge and leave her with something she can think about late at night in bed.

Now it is over to you. Have you got a favourite tip you want to share to help others in bed, or is there a burning question you need answering? You can check out the Escort Scotland forum and see what people are saying over there, or you could just let us know by leaving a comment below.

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One thought on “How To Impress A New Partner In Bed”

  1. I tend to start off rubbing the partners clit slowly while kissing her neck, while doing this, she starts stroking my cock. We then proceed to start getting in the the mood more and start taking off our clothes.
    After, I go down on her for 5-10 minutes and then she would go down on me and while she is going down on me, I turn her round so we are giving each other oral (69).
    And then once she starts to get in the mood, I then get her legs around my waist and we start having sex.

    I enjoy it every time.

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