Man Smashed Laptop When Mum Nearly Catches Him In The Act – Pornhub Replaces It!

I remember when I was living at home and I was ‘getting to know’ porn. I may well be giving away my age, but I had to worry about buying magazines. It was a totally embarrassing experience. As soon as you slapped the porno mag down on the desk, you might as well have shouted out to the person behind the counter ‘hey, I am going home for a wank’.

Man looks at porn on laptop

A Unwelcome Shock

Well these days these things are done online. As an adult, I find myself watching porn less anyway. However, I can imagine this is so much better than actually having ‘hard’ copies. Still, it seems there are other issues with online porn that I never thought of.

Denzel, according to his Twitter post, was watching Pornhub when he heard his Mum approaching. It was at this point his laptop decided to freeze. Awkward!

Well, like any rational person, Denzel decided to smash his laptop. His Mum may not have caught him having a wank, but unfortunately his electronic equipment was now buggered.

Pornhub to the Rescue

Well, ever the top quality self publicists, Pornhub got wind of this, and have decided to send him a new laptop. However, it appears this new computer has the Pornhub logo plastered all over it, as you can see from the pictures!

Vice-President of Pornhub, Corey Price had these illuminating words to say:


“We got wind of what happened to Denzel and his laptop over the last few days, and realize that this is a common, yet tragic modern day mis-FAP of the average Pornhub fan.“

“We appreciate Denzel’s loyalty, as well as his clear sense of judgement in picking our site as a digital destination for some adult oriented R&R. As a result, we would like to send him a brand new laptop alongside some awesome Pornhub swag to use for his continued pleasure.”

I have to say, this is as funny as hell, but how on earth is he going to explain to his Mum why he has a new laptop with the Pornhub logo on it? I would love to be there for that conversation!


Just a quick note for Denzel, laptops come equipped with an unlock mechanism, which allows you to separate the screen from the keyboard. So there probably isn’t much need to mess up your laptop.

Then again, I doubt he was thinking straight at the time. I really hope he wasn’t on his ‘vinegar strokes’ when this was going off!

Well, it seems that things aren’t as easy for the younger generation as I thought.

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