Man Captured by Police After Posting Own Wanted Photo on Facebook!

Although there are a few noticeable exceptions, criminals, on the whole, are not the brightest bunch. Hey, if there were that good at what they do, why would they spend so much time in prison?

A Complete Screw Up

Still, there are some crooks who are just beyond stupid. Take Anthony James Lescowitch Jr, who had been evading arrest in Pennsylvania since November last year. It didn’t take police long to find him however, after he posted the police’s message to his own Facebook page.

Lescowitch was wanted by the Freeland Police Department in connection with an assault on a man in July last year. In an attempt to locate him, they posted the wanted bulletin on their Facebook page at 9.20pm local time.

Facebook phone

Three minutes later, the 35-year-old suspect reposted the picture of himself and wrote underneath ‘lol i f***** love it, A**HOLE’. Police believe that it was posted publicly by accident, but maybe was meant to be done as part of a private conversation.

His unfortunate post received two ‘likes’ and was commented on by a number of his friends, some of whom wished him good luck in his bid to escape justice.

The Police Move In

Posing as an attractive woman, investigating officer T.J. Rentschler, began chatting online with Lescowitch about the post.

Over the next half hour, the officer was able to gather key information about Lescowitch and eventually arranged to meet up with him for a cigarette.

When the suspect arrived at the specified location, he was met by the police and arrested.

Lescowitch was one of four men charged over the assault of a man last summer, where the victim was bashed his victim over the head, then robbed.

Obviously Lescowitch will get plenty of time in prison to consider his mistake. At least he gave us, and most people around the world a bit of a laugh.

What a tool!

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