‘I Lost My Virginity To An Alien’

Fantasies come in all shapes and sizes. There are the normal ones like having a threesome or banging your teacher, and then there are the more strange ones. However, you can then take these weird fantasies and convince yourself they are real. This is what seems to have happened in the following story.

Attractive humanoid look alien

New Jersey based artist David Huggins believes he lost his virginity to an alien. Not only that, the 70 year old has put the images the ‘encountered’ onto canvas.

“I lost my virginity to an extraterrestrial woman,” David Huggins says in the trailer for a forthcoming documentary about his life and work, “Love and Saucers.”

“It was just a relief to get the images on canvas,” the 70-year-old artist says.

First Time

Huggins claims he was first abducted at the age of eight, and have continued throughout his life. When he was 17, he says he started having sex with a female alien called ‘Crescent’.

In a recent article, It is explained how they first ‘got it on’.

“She appeared human, except for her large, black eyes, a pale, pointy face and the wig. She disrobed. He disrobed. He laid down. She got on top. They consummated the start of their long-time and very long-distance romance.”

Well Huggins says that he has fathered a number of children across the universe, and not all of them are with Crescent.

OK, does he have to pay child support? I can just imagine numerous alien single mothers sat at home claiming off whatever their planet has as a benefit system. Also, does he get visitation rights? Is there a father figure in their lives or are the youngsters flying round smashing up windows?

Piture of David Huggins alien lover

Filmmaker Brad Abrahams says he believes that the encounters were real to Huggins.

Is that a nice way of saying he is totally delusional?

Important Questions

Now I have a few questions. Firstly, if a guy comes up to you and says he is having sex with aliens, do you placate him? Yes, he isn’t doing anyone any particular harm, but is saying you believe him just like telling him his mental illness is OK and he should embrace it?

I will leave that moral question for another day. Here is the more important nugget. Go on, would you have sex with an alien if you had the chance? Does the idea make you horny, or is the whole idea just a little bit messed up?

Now having a bit of time on my hands today, I think I have an answer.

The picture of ‘Crescent’ that Mr Huggins has drawn is rather disturbing. ‘Crescent’ looks like something off the front of a space invaders crisp packet. If that’s what sex with an alien is meant to be like, then I think I would rather just have a wank instead.

Now on the other hand, what if they looked kind of human? I am a big fan of TV cartoon ‘Futurama’ and would love nothing more than to sleep with ‘Leela’, the large breasted hottie with one eye. If that was an option, my pants would be off before you had the chance to say ‘intergalactic sex’. Actually, I would probably be finished by then as well but that is a totally different story.

An Unlikely Scenario

Now it is pretty obvious that neither scenario will never happen as aliens don’t come down and have sex with you, no matter how much you wish it would happen. However, if believing it gives David Huggins some solace as he approaches the twilight years of his life, who am I to stop him?

Give them one from me mate. Just make sure you use some inter-planetary contraception.

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