Man Gets Bottle Stuck In His Bum!

We all know that some guys like do do some kinky stuff in bed. Some of that off beat stuff often focuses on their anus. It seems one of natures bad jokes that the most sensitive sexual area of the guy, the G-spot, is located in a place where he is not likely to ever venture.

Two people walk down a hospital corridor

Still, if you are going to start playing with, or getting someone to play with your ass it is always a good idea to be safe. This is some advice that a guy from China should really have taken recently.

Horrific pictures have emerged after a 60 year old man got a whole bottle lodged in his stomach after shoving it up his backside.


The unfortunate patient, who has not been named, claimed he was suffering from constipation and tried to stimulate himself with the bottle, doctors said. We will leave it up to you to work out whether you believe that or not!

For whatever reason he put inside, once it was in there, it wouldn”t come out.

Well, thankfully we have the unprofessional Chinese medical staff at hospital in Zhuhai, in the Guangdong Province of China to thank for sharing the picture. Thankfully the guys details have been kept secret, but one suspects that everyone in the local area will know who it is!

Man with bottle in bum

Other Items

This rather hilarious story got me trawling the internet to find some of the other things that had been lodged in peoples bottoms (I really do have too much time on my hands!) We have had Barbie dolls, toys soldiers, deodorant cans, a Buzz Lightyear toy, a metal fork and an I-phone. That is one hell of a list.

I have to say, I do wonder what goes through some peoples heads sometimes. When I look at a Buzz Lightyear action figure I think to myself ‘wow, my kids like those films, i can’t wait for Toy Story 4 to come out. At no point do I think ‘oh, there’s a Buzz Lightyear model, I know what I can do, I can shove it up my ass’.

I also don’t see why people need to stick these household items where the sun doesn’t shine either. Anal sex toys are so cheap and readily available that you don’t need to inserting milk bottles anywhere.

Also, if you get an anal sex toys stuck in your backside then the doctors and nurses may have a bit of a laugh, but it is nothing they wouldn’t have seen before. Let’s face it, it certainly won’t be be big enough news for you to make it onto the pages of The Escort Scotland blog.

Condolences From Us

Finally, we have to send our condolences to the Chinese fella who has become a viral hit. If what he says is true and he just wanted to make himself have a crap (and once again, I’m not sure about that) once suspects that he will be either taking a laxative or seeking medical advice in the future.

Sometimes my job makes my brain hurt!

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