What is Life like For a Transgender Escort?

One of the best things about the escort industry is the way that it embraces the transgender community. There is no judging here, and we give them a space to embrace who they are and of course their sexuality.

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But what is like for a transgender sex worker? Does it is differ at all from the experience of cisgender escorts? Well today we are going to take a look at this question.

The Life of a Transgender Escort

You will find that most transgender escorts are male to female. There may be reasons for that such as their desire to embrace their femininity, I am not sure why, but it is a fact. Therefore most clients are men looking to spend time with a trans woman.

Trans sex workers will usually advertise online. This is because they are a niche interest, and for them to get the exposure they deserve, they don’t want to get lumped in with women on the street where no-one knows you are trans and it is just pot luck of you get picked.

There is also the issue with security. Though most of society is happy for the trans community to embrace who they are, there are still many men, rightly or wrongly, who believe they should be told beforehand about the escort’s trans status (I am not touching that one, you will all have your own idea). Feeling they have been conned can lead to acts of violence, even if violence is never justified. Advertising on the internet gives the escort the chance to make it clear who they are, and for the punter to make an informed decision about the service they want. Everyone will be fully informed, making it a much safer environment.

On the website, the escort will say whether they are ‘post-op’ or ‘pre-op’. To put bluntly, post-op is when they have had their bits cut off, and pre-op is when they still have the penis and balls. Where they are in the change obviously has an effect on the type of encounter they can offer.

If they are post-op, it will be just like any other meeting with any other woman. However, if it is pre-op things can change as many men want to be penetrated by the penis.

The most obvious reason for guys wanting this is that they would like to have that feeling but have no wish for a man to do it to them as that is a bit ‘gay’. However, if a trans woman can do it, then they get the ‘feeling with the femininity’. It may not be for everyone, but those who like it swear by it and good luck to them.

Much Like Anybody Else

It is fair to say that the life of a trans escort is like that of anyone else in the industry. They have to look after their security, attract clients, and perform well so to get repeat customers. It is just that they have to put out a bit more information about themselves into the public domain to inform punters of what their status is, giving them the chance to work out what kind of service they want.

We can definitely say that transgender escorts are becoming more and more popular as society becomes increasingly liberal and accepting. Whether it is your scene or not, the fact that people can truly embrace what they like in the bedroom is most certainly a good thing. Having a strong contingent of trans escorts on our website is most certainly going to help that.

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