Last Minute Gifts For The Escort In Your Life!

For once, I’ve been on top of my game in the run up to Christmas. I have got everyone’s presents already sorted and sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe. All I have to do is wrap them. I’ve even got a few extra gifts in case I have forgotten to buy for someone. It saves me having to look for last minute gifts.

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This isn’t usually how I do Christmas. I’m the person in the shops the day before looking for the perfect present and struggling to find anything suitable. If you are like last year’s Lara and are struggling for those last minute gifts, I have a few suggestions for you perfect for the escort in your life.

Check their wish list

Most people tend to have a wish list somewhere. If your favourite escort has a website, it might be written on there. There are also some sites where you can create wish lists and add links to the items you really want. Many sites also have their own, such as Amazon, where you can add details about sizing, quantity, and colour.

Before you start heading to the shops to see what last minute bargains you can buy, check out their wish list. Wish lists are by far the easiest way for escorts to make sure that they get something they really want. When it comes to wearable items, it also makes sure that it is the right size.

A lot of the sites also offer gift options. You simply pay for the item and that’s it! They’ll send it direct to the escort, so they’ll get a lovely surprise when they open their mail. The best thing is that they usually have a range of items on there, so you are sure to find something to fit your budget.

Escorts usually have a few wish lists around with essential items, so check them out!
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Gift cards

There will be times when you know about an escort’s love of a certain store or restaurant. It might be that they love buying lingerie from a certain place, or that they like to treat themselves to a nice meal at their all-time favourite restaurant.

If so, gift cards are a great idea. They give the escort exactly what they want, but in a much broader way than buying something from a wish list. You’ll give them the choice about what they want to spend their cash on, making it an excellent idea! They make perfect last minute gifts because you can get them in most high street stores, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Want to give them even more choice? You can buy vouchers and pre-loaded cards. This means that they can spend the money in any stores, rather than being tied to just one. Freedom for them and a great gift from you!

Gift cards are available in many supermarkets, so you can give them the choice on what they want
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Money money money!

If you have really left it too long and are in desperate need of the perfect last minute gifts for your favourite escort, then you can’t go wrong with money. It might feel like a cop-out, but giving money as a gift is great. Money can be spent anywhere, and there’s no minimum spend to pay.

Plus, a nice tip at the beginning of your date is going to start things off in the right way. It shows how much you appreciate them and that you really love spending time in their company.

Best of all, as long as you have access to a cash machine, you can get it! You don’t have to worry about shops closing for Christmas. Just put your card in, get the money out, and you are good to go! What could be better than that?

If all else fails, money in the form of a nice tip works wonders!
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Gifts to avoid

When it comes to last minute gifts you might be tempted to look at a few of the usual last minute gift ideas that you’ll see floating around online. However, unless you really know the escort well, giving these gifts might backfire on you a little! Flowers often don’t last long, and some people don’t enjoy the smell of certain bouquets, so steer clear unless you are sure they will love some.

Food and drink gifts should be reserved for the escorts you know really well. Do they love chocolate and wine? If so, a gift box or a bottle will go down well. If not, don’t waste your money. You need to know about their particular tastes, and it is far better to get them something they really want.

The same goes for clothes and jewellery. You might see something that you think is lovely, but does it match the taste of your chosen escort? Unless you have been out with them on a date and they have pointed something out to you, don’t spend your money there. Give them the cash instead and let them choose what your gift to them should be. It’ll make everyone happy.

What you think is nice might not match up with their tastes
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Last minute gifts they’ll love

Wish lists, gift cards, and cash are always great last minute gifts, especially when it comes to buying for escorts. They will know exactly what they want. If it is on their wish list, you can give it to them! If not, gift cards and cash give them the freedom to choose the products they really want to get.

Buying last minute presents doesn’t have to be stressful. Simply follow this guide and you’ll find that it is actually really stress-free! You can share your own tips for a stress-free Christmas in the box below.

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