Jilted Cougar Chases Guy With a Knife!

A lot of us guys have a a MILF fantasy. If you look at the searches on any of the porn sites, then you will find that mature and MILF are the two most popular terms which are being looked for.

However, I am guessing this particular lady isn’t the MILF fantasy guys think about.

Knife-Wielding Maniac

Police say 56 year old Florida resident Elizabeth Highley attacked 25 year old Crue Finley with a knife when he refused her sexual advances.

Apparently, the pair were boozing up at her Jensen Beach home, when Highley offered to have sex with him. Finley turned her down, at which point she became angry and violent.

Highley allegedly sliced Finley’s thumb with a hunting knife as he legged it out of the house. The crazy lady then chased him down the street with the knife.

An obviously rattled Finley made it to a convenience store car park where he flagged down a policeman and told him there was a woman trying to kill him.

The deputy then saw Highley approaching with his knife and what seemed to be a broken walking cane. She dropped the weapons when the officer confronted her.

Highley, who deputies described as “angry, crying and [apparently] intoxicated,” was arrested on felony assault charges and released on bail. She is due in court on July 11.

A Better Option

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