Is it Moral To See Escorts?

It is a question which us in the sex industry have to deal with on a daily basis. Is it morally acceptable to see escorts for sex? It is something that those in the anti-sex work lobby like to focus on, claiming it is repugnant, and pushing for buying sex to be made illegal. But really, what is the truth about morality and paying to see escorts?

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For us, a lot of it depends on what the circumstances are. What we want to see is everything happening consensually between people who actually want to be there.

A Lifestyle Choice

We have seen the job market over the last few years; zero hour contracts, shitty wages. Many women see this as a better option than working for ‘the man’.

Still, it isn’t just those on the lower end of the job market who choose sex work. It is anyone who wants to keep a flexible schedule, leaving time for family and such things.

If this is the environment people are in, what is the problem. It is when people start saying it is immoral in these circumstances that I get really annoyed. Just because it isn’t something they wouldn’t choose to do, doesn’t mean that those who partake are somehow deviant. I would rather walk on hot coals than have gay sex, but that doesn’t mean that those who are drawn to it are in the wrong does it? Freedom of choice is what our society is built on, and if people make choices that we wouldn’t personally make, why should we care if it isn’t harming anyone?

When it isn’t a Choice

However, there are circumstances where it is immoral to use a sex worker. On street prostitution we see many of the girls suffering from real drink or drug problems. That isn’t to say they all will, as that in itself is a ridiculous stereotype. However, it would be remiss to say, in the name of political correctness that you didn’t have girls out there for their fix, and looking like they are struggling. Now, if you decide to meet one of these ladies because they are inexpensive then you are selfish and beneath contempt. When it comes to street prostitution, what we need is a support service which keeps them safe, and offers those who are struggling with drink or drug addiction the help they need.

But it isn’t just on the street where you will meet escorts who feel forced to be there. The majority of escorts have made a lifestyle choice as we mentioned above, but once again it would be disingenuous to say that that there isn’t abuse. To say trafficking never happens would be a lie in much the same way as when anti-sex work lobbyists say EVERYONE is trafficked.

Though there is never actual proof for a client that an escort is trafficked, there are warning signs that something might be amiss. They are factors such as the escort not knowing a word of the native language, or looking miserable as sin. As I said, this is never proof, but if you have concerns and do it anyway, then that says something about you.

So is it Moral?

So is paying for sex moral? Well, yes it is as long as everyone there is happy and doing it through a proper informed decision. It is when you start heading down the road of selfishly seeing those you suspect need help and carrying on regardless that the actions become immoral.

Finally, ff ever you suspect an escort has been trafficked, leave and contact the police. Now that is certainly moral.

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