4 Simple Ways To Spice Up Missionary

When it comes to sex, there is one position we will find ourselves in more than others… and that is the missionary position. It is one of the most common ones we’ll use, although it isn’t our favourite. It can still feel amazing, but sometimes it can get a little boring.

4 Simple Ways To Spice Up Missionary

Missionary can feel good, especially if you make a few minor adjustments to it. Here are four simple ways that you can spice up missionary.

1. Legs over shoulder

If you want to get really deep inside of her, then this is the variation you need. Get into the position as you would normally, but instead of having her wrap her legs around you, she should raise them up.

You can hook her legs over your shoulders and lean over her more. This allows for deep penetration, and because you can keep eye contact, it can make slow and deep thrusts amazing for you both.

Why not tease her in this position? Grind slowly into her cunt and see what she thinks. She might start to beg you for more, which is when you can thrust deep inside of her.

Throwing her legs over your shoulder will feel amazing
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2. Legs together

Often when we think of missionary, we think of sliding between her legs and fucking her hard. We might kiss her neck as we do or lock our fingers together with hers, but for those who are not as well-endowed, missionary doesn’t always feel so good for her.

That is why you should instead keep her legs together. It can be a challenge to get into this position, but you’ll find that it is totally worth it.

With her legs closed while you thrust, you’ll find that your body rubs on her clit each time. This will make her feel amazing, and it’ll also feel as though you are sliding really deep into her pussy with each thrust.

Keeping her legs together is the perfect way to bring her to orgasm!
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3. Press up position

If you regularly hit the gym you might feel as though you have great body strength… especially if you do a lot of press ups. This might work in your favour, especially if you try out this missionary variation.

Instead of getting into the standard missionary position, you’ll adopt the press up stance. It can tire you out quickly, but it’ll feel fantastic for both of you.

It’ll allow you to get much deeper and harder thrusts each time, making it perfect for those moments when you just desperately want to fuck. Plus, she’ll be able to get an even better look at your cock sliding into her.

Show off and fuck at the same time!
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4. Raise her up

Sometimes you’ll find that the missionary position just doesn’t give you the right angle with each thrust. While fingering her, you’ll be able to feel her g-spot and make her come, but during sex it can be more of a challenge.

There is something on your bed right now that can help you hit her g-spot during missionary sex. It is the humble pillow.

Place the pillow under her ass. It’ll elevate her up just enough to change the angle. This means that, with each thrust, you are more likely to rub your cock against her g-spot and bring her to one hell of an intense orgasm!

A well placed pillow can make all of the difference!
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Your favourite missionary positions

These are just a handful of variations on the most common sex position, and they will really help to spice things up again. They are also super simple to do! You don’t need to whip out the Kama Sutra after all.

Do you have a few variations of your own you’d like to share? You can tell us all about them, simply by leaving a comment in the box below. Is your favourite listed above, or are there other positions we need to know about?

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