The Importance of Using Contraception with an Escort

As we all know, Aberdeen escorts, or escorts from anywhere for that matter, are companions and we are hiring to enjoy some time together, to have a date to a party or event, to relax and talk or to have sex.

Nobody teaches you how to date an escort, how to behave and especially how to protect yourself and her during the sexual act. But they taught us in school how important contraception is for a healthy sex life.

This rule is even more important and you have to keep it in your mind all the time when you meet an escort.

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A Safe Environment

As any job has its own risks, escorts are potentially at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) due to the high number of sexual partners. They know it and they are highly conscious about their health. So you don’t have to worry. Most escorts are periodically tested and checked for any diseases of infections and they really take care of their health. That involves contraception.

An escort will never accept having sex without using a condom, you should not push in that direction, and let’s say, even she will accept it, you should not do it. Your personal risk after an unprotected sexual contact with an escort increases a lot, according to her health status and the health status of all the individuals she has seen before.

Having safe sex, even with an escort, it’s easy. They all use protection with their clients. All you have to keep in mind is to use a condom.

As you may already know, condoms protects against pregnancy and any STI. Safe sex implies zero risk of STI. The risk to catch an STI will be considerable lower if you follow this rule. And if you really want to know, it is absolutely un-heard of a high-class escort to have unprotected sex with her clients.

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Be Safe, Even Without Penetration

There is always risk an STI can be contracted anyway, even if there is no sexual penetration. The escorts are exposing themselves to several risks when they accept kissing or giving oral sex. That is why many a professional escort will use a condom also for oral sex and you have to understand the importance of it.

It is true, after a while, if you meet an escort for a long time, the dynamic of the relationship will change. Maybe you will start to trust her; you will like her and feel that want to go further. Even in this situation, you should not forget that she is not your girlfriend and she has other clients. You should not risk yours and her health either way.

About the condom! You should always have a package of condoms with you, even if the girl will prefer to use her own. It will show her that you respect her and you want to have safe sex, to enjoy the moment without putting you both in risk.

The escort will prefer to use her condoms for your safety so you should not be concerned about it. They always chose good, quality and safe brands, to avoid any problem.

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What do I do if it Breaks?

What if the condom breaks? It is an unpleasant situation, that can happen in every sexual act and it is no one’s fault. Both of you should go to a doctor after that, even if you both are clean and healthy and run some test, just to get rid of worries. And next time pay more attention!

You should always keep in mind that pleasure and sex are based on the connection you both develop, so enjoy the time with an Aberdeen escort by staying safe and using a condom every time.

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