Angry Husband’s potion Allegedly ‘sticks cheating lovers together’ (video)

No-one likes being cheated on. To be fair, it really sucks. People react differently when it happens to them. Some smash their house up, others get pissed up, many cry. However, have you see this guy in Kenya who apparently used a potion to make sure his wife and her lover got stuck together? Yes, I kid you not.

Couple stuck together

The magun – or Juju – was used by the guy in a bid to humiliate his wife when she went to meet her lover at a hotel in Kenya.

The couple had been having sex at a hotel called the Explor-Inn when the man discovered he was unable to separate from his lover after the deed was done.

Video was released of the still naked couple being wheeled on a wooden cart to hospital. The woman, trying to hide under a bed sheet, whilst the man seems less shy about the incident.

It appears that the woman was in great pain so she shouted for help.

Viral Video

Other hotel guests came help but the only way to get them to a hospital was along the street, and the scene quickly attracted a huge crowd, one of whom filmed it and shared it online.

We have no idea what treatment was given to them, and as of yet, their names haven’t been released.

So, was this caused by her husband putting using a potion on her? Well, it seems there may be a scientific reason for them getting stuck together. It may have been vaginismus, and involuntary muscle spasm that can have a variety of causes including a urinary tract or vaginal yeast infection.

Then again, I would love to think this guy’s potion had worked and humiliated the pair of them. I am going to guess it probably wasn’t though, as over here, we don’t believe in potions. That isn’t us looking down on other nations and different cultures, it is just a statement of fact.

Whatever the reason, the video certainly gave us a good laugh. We certainly found it more amusing than these two.

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