How to Pleasure Breasts

Did you know that a woman’s breasts are undeniably one of the best ways to ignite a sensual arousal for women? The right stimulation around the nipple area with it being so sensitive can be enough to give her an orgasm.

Woman's big boobs in bright pink bra

Breasts are like snowflakes – every one is unique, but, know the right moves and you’ll have her pussy screaming in a ravenous hunger.

The handy barometers of desire – the nipples are quite simple to read and are like thermometers to temperature. The sensitivity of nipples varies widely and must be handled with great care.

Different Kinds of Breasts

Larger Breasts – Stimulation of the outer sides of her breast can be done just below the armpits with your fingertips or tongue with a sensual tickle, which will make her wet. The nipples on larger breasts tend to have more nerve endings and are often hypersensitive, so don’t be too aggressive when applying pressure. However, a good way to test this is by groping, watching and listening to her body language and applying more pressure where necessary.

Smaller Breasts – These can usually take a bit more motion due to their size, so a little more flexibility can be applied when groping, but again, paying attention to body responses. The darker coloured circle, (also known as the areola) that surrounds the nipple can often, usually be more sensitive that the nipple itself. The most sensitive part of this sexual switch is the upper quadrant of her breast, between 10 & 2 o’clock.

Vaginal lubrication is increased by sexually stimulating her breasts and no lube on the market can beat the natural lubricant of a woman’s dribbling pussy.

When you come to undress a woman, uncover her breasts like they are a fragile gift, she will feel as though her privacy has been broken and will feel sexually vulnerable. It’s a kind of shy little girl thing us women have when you uncover our intimate areas, like we are doing something really naughty and should stop. This feeling of wrong doing or naughtiness only makes us want it more.

Once the breasts have been revealed and she is baring all she will expect you to touch them, because most men usually will head dive straight in and flounder them in a fussy way. Do not do this. Hold fire and let the air get to them a little before you get stuck in.

Make sure she is lying or sat in a comfortable position.

Focus on her ears, neck and shoulders, but work your way down slowly and sensually. Slow, deep breathing on her skin will give her sexual shivers and sensitize her body.

Building Anticipation

Build the anticipation for at least 20 seconds before you touch her breasts. She will experience a rare feeling that will make her pussy hiss for you and make her feel the need for you to touch her breasts.

Give her a reminder of what is about to come whilst building up the anticipation, by touching one of her breasts with your finger in a stroke-like sensation.
Start by touching one of her boobs whilst your mouth is starting to kiss the other. Quite often more attention is given to one breast than the other – make sure to give both the equal attention they need to get her gushing.

Move on to slow, subtle, light strokes of her nipple with your finger. Maintaining eye contact, lubricate the end of your finger by sensually putting it in her mouth to suck and moisten, then massage the end of her nipple with it.

Circular movements are often a big turn on when it comes to massaging nipples, however, feel free to try other techniques to see how she reacts.

A Wet Tongue

After you have the nipples nice and hard and have built up that necessary anticipation, move in to start using your mouth and tongue. Take the tip of your wet tongue and gently tickle the end of her hard nipple. This should get a few pleasurable moans from her.

You can start to suck on her nipple gently, remembering to pay as much attention to the other breast and nipple; by now she will have started to throb in excitement. Repeat this on each nipple 3-4 times and she will oiled up and ready to enjoy in no time.

If you want to spice things up and be a little more adventurous, try using edible liquids, like whipped cream, honey, chocolate or caramel sauces.

Follow the steps right and you could be on your way to giving her an exploding orgasm that she may have never felt in her life just through breast stimulation.


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