How Not to get Caught Out When Visiting Escorts

It really is the nightmare scenario. If you get caught visiting one of the escorts on Escort Scotland, then you really could be sinking your battleship.

Let’s get something straight, you are not committing a criminal offence when you visit an escort, unless you meet a trafficked escort, or an escort who is working against their will. If you suspect this leave right away, and report it anonymously with the details provided on the ‘blue blindfold‘ link. As long as it is above board, the only thing you are paying for is their time and companionship. What goes on after that is totally between you and any of the Aberdeen escorts. However, try explaining that to your partner if they ever catch you out. Mark my words, there will be hell to pay, and this could well finish your marriage, or a relationship.

On the plus side, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that nothing goes wrong. We recommend that everyone acquaints themselves with these pointers. Visiting escorts can be fun, but if you are lazy, there is a major risk.

Use A Pre-Paid Phone

A rookie mistake often made, is to use your own personal phone number. If your partner ever checks your phone, it only takes one call and you could be in a lot of trouble.

Use a pre-paid, cheap phone to make your escort calls. Then, when it isn’t in use, keep it hidden.


Use A Different Internet Browser

It may sound obvious, but the amount of times girls log on to their Facebook, and find an internet browsing history full of escorts, is amazing.

The best way to stop this ever happening to you, is to use a laptop that only you have access to. If you must use your home desktop, make sure there is no shortcut to the browser. But really, this is a secondary option, and certainly not recommended.

Also, make sure that you don’t use your work PC. You may well not be committing any crime visiting an escort site, but one suspects your boss will take a dim view of you using company property for such things.

Maybe Punt Further Away From Home

We have all heard the term ‘not pissing on your own doorstep.’ Well, escorting is one of those times you should heed that advice.

When searching for an escort, maybe look in a city that isn’t yours. Or if you want to, check that the escort is in a far area of the city in relation to where you are located. The last thing you want is for anyone you know seeing you enter a hotel for seemingly no reason, or an apartment.

This will keep you more relaxed as well, letting you enjoy the punt properly.

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Be Careful

Once again, it sounds obvious, but a great way to get caught is to catch something unpleasant off the escort and pass it on to your partner.

Never ask, or accept bareback sex off an escort. Also, it would be safer if you had covered oral. Minimize all risk, and your chances of enjoying your life with escorts will greatly improve.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

No matter how excited you are, remember to keep your exploits to yourself. You may well think you trust someone, but the more people you tell, the more people who can rat on you.

Keep what happens between you and the escort. Then you know your confidentiality is assured.

Bear in mind this guide before you engage in any punting activity. You need to be able to keep both your personal and punting life separate.

If you can do that, the world is your oyster!

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