Five Tips for a One Night Stand

Most of us, at one point in our lives, have had a one night stand. For some of us it was great, a no strings attached encounter where everyone got what they were wanting out of it, and moved on. For others it is likely to have been a disaster. So what should you remember when having a one night stand? How can you make sure your experience is one of the good ones?

Escort Scotland has put together a quick five point guide on what you should do, or not do during a one night stand. We hope it helps!

1) Have a Ready Made Excuse

No-one likes having to make a dash the next morning. It just causes a lot of embarrassment. It is also not very pleasant for the one who is being left, as they will maybe think that the other person regrets what they have done, and that they are undesirable.

The best way to stop this disaster before it even begins is to have a ready made excuse for the next morning. You can maybe say you have work, or that you need to be home to pick up a delivery. Anything that means you can leave without looking an asshole.

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2) Don’t get too Drunk, Guys

OK, most one night stands happen when you have been out drinking. But seriously, don’t get too drunk. Going back and not being able to perform is a disaster. And remember, word gets round fast, especially in the age of social media.

If you think you are about to get lucky, maybe drink a few pints of water and take the edge of the drunkenness. It may not sound much fun, but it certainly beats the hell out of not being able to ‘rise to the occasion’.

3) Condoms are Good

Well, they are certainly better than the alternative. Remember, you don’t know who the other person is, or what their sexual habits are. You could catch anything. Also guys, you have no idea if this girl is good with contraception or not. The amount of pregnancies that occur during one night stands is alarming.

So please, put something on the end of it!

4) Offer Breakfast

This may sound a strange one, and a bit contradictory, but seriously, it is a good idea. If the dirty deed has been done at your place, you should always offer breakfast. This is to make sure you don’t come across as a git who wants them out ASAP.

Don’t worry. Most people will kindly refuse the offer, but you will have an excellent reputation.

5) Remember the Name

There is better way to ruin the whole experience than not being able to remember the other persons name. You will just look like a scumbag, so make a real effort with this one.

A good tip is to put the name in your phone somewhere, if you feel like you are probably going to forget it.

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Maybe Visit an Escort Instead

In the end, a one night stand can be a recipe for disaster. This is why many people like to visit escorts instead. The Aberdeen escorts will never leave you feeling uncomfortable, or having to make a quick exit the next morning. You can pay for their time and companionship and that is what you will get, without any hassle.

We hope you found our little guide useful. If you have any other tips, comment in the box below. You might be able to teach us something!

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