Four Things Not to Do in an Argument

We all know that relationships can be hard. Hey, if they weren’t, there wouldn’t be a trail of disasters in most of our pasts.

There are however, things that you can do, during the tough times, that will really mess your relationship up. I am not talking about things like cheating or domestic violence. If you need me to tell you that those things can have a negative effect, then you don’t need the Escort Scotland blog, you need professional help. I am talking about things people do during arguments.

Here are four things you should not do during an argument, or any other time for that matter, if you want you relations to succeed. We hope it comes in useful.


1) Calling your Partner Names

No matter how much your partner is annoying you, don’t resort to calling names. It makes you sound incredibly immature, as well as really annoying them.

Even if you are getting wound up, take the high ground. You may not feel you are getting the best of the argument, but it will stand you in good stead for the future.

And remember, people are creatures of habit. Once you get into the habit of name calling, you will likely go back there in the future.

2) Getting Over Defensive

Partners are going to annoy you on many different occasions. However, getting defensive is certainly the wrong way to go about resolving any issues. People naturally find defensive people quite irritating, so try and play the adult.

If someone is pissing you off, then try and talk it out and get to the root of what the issue is. If the person spends all their time angry with you, that says something about the relationship. It may need to draw to a close, but it won’t be your fault, and you won’t be burning any bridges.

Quarrel between men and women

3) Aiming for the Persons Weak Spot

Right, we have all been there whilst arguing. In the end it comes down to winning; what started off as a minor disagreement comes down to a battle of wills. And what better way to win the argument than to strike at the persons weak-spot?

Well, you may win the argument in the short term when your partner runs off crying or storms out of the house, but mark my words, you will pay for it in the future.

Keep to the jist of what the argument was about, and don’t get into the realm of making personal jibes.

4) Don’t Compare Your Partner to An Ex

This is a big one. No matter how much you are being irritated, never start comparing your current partner to an old one. This will just get them, even if they are out of order during the argument, thinking that you are still more interested in your old flame than them.

This will eat away at them, causing more (seemingly unrelated) arguments in the future.

Don’t do it!


Talk to an Escort

One of the best ways to make sure an argument doesn’t escalate is to just get out of the house. Maybe you can visit one of the Fife escorts and get some time away from the problem? Maybe you can unwind, get your problems off your chest and go home refreshed?

Whatever you do, just act like an adult. Arguments will happen, it is part of life, but is when you let things escalate that the problems will really begin.

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