Five Ways to Tell Your Relationship is in Trouble

A lot of people don’t figure out when their relationship is headed for trouble. Their gut instinct tells them that they are headed for a downfall, yet they ignore the idea and continue to persevere without paying another thought to their inner thoughts. In common cases, your instincts might not even say anything, and all of a sudden the wheels of your relationships are going to brake hard and you are going to be left in the middle of the road, stranded.

Now, it is always much better for you to have an understanding of when your relationship is about to end, so that you can at least mentally prepare yourself for what is around the corner. However, how can you tell when your relationship is on the verge? Is there a way by which you can foresee when your relationship has hit the rocks? If you could read the signs that are being left by your partner and yourself, there is a very easy way of finding out when your relationship is in trouble.


Here are the top five ways to tell whether your relationship is in trouble or not:

1) Negativity Comes to the Fore

The main purpose of any relationship virtually is to bring the best out of two people. Your partner should complement you and you should be complementing them, and that’s how it essentially works. However, when your relationship is about to hit the rocks, one of the early indicators is the fact that negativity tends to take center stage.

In every relationship, there are certain negative emotions such as anger, disgust and hurt which a person hides deep within, since these emotions aren’t as big as their love. As a result, we forgive, forget and move on. However, this tends to stop when your relationship isn’t going smoothly. Your partner is likely to be less forgiving, and will often get a lot angrier at petty little things than they would otherwise. If this is the case, then it is important that you take note, sit down with them and have a little chat. Be calm, ask for their forgiveness and if there is something bothering them, tell them to be open about it. If they say it is due to your actions, try to fix this.

2) Turning away from Them

Imagine you go to your partner for help, or they come to you. In the beginning of your relationship, you would be willing to move mountains in order to help them, but as time passes on, your desire to help your partner is going to deteriorate (in most cases).

Helping your partner should be your number one priority at all times, and if you don’t feel that way, you should be willing to consider the reason behind it.

3) Lies

All solid relationships are based on trust and truth, because no matter what, lies can be caught at any point in time. However, lies can prove to be the destroying point in any relationship. In a lot of cases, people often lie to avoid the argument that might follow, or if they are likely to face a nervy discussion. Either way, if you find out that you have been lied to, or something has been kept hidden from you, it might be an early indicator that your relationship isn’t going the way it is supposed to.

If that is the case, the first course of action that many people will take is to wait it out, until their partner owns up for their actions. If they don’t own up however, and lies continue to build up, it might be time for you to confront them and find out the reason behind it.

Talking about something is the number one means of solving a problem, which is why I’m placing so much stress on it. Lies can prove to be the absolute deal breaker for any person in a relationship, and if you suddenly find out that you’ve been lied to, it might be a good idea to see what course things take before you can take action against it.

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4) Abuse

Abuse in any relationship is intolerable, by all means. If your partner suddenly starts abusing you physically or verbally, you might say that you’ve hit a new low in your relationship. In other terms, it also means that it is time for you to move on. You don’t want to be with a person who abuses you or is insulting; it can be destructive for you both psychologically and physically.

When you become the victim of abuse in your relationship, it is time for you to take a step back, and analyze the trouble you’ve gone through. And then come to the most important decision of all; should you continue with the relationship? Or should you just end it? Give it another chance? These are just some of the many decisions that you would have to take if you have been the victim of abuse.

Quarrel between men and women

5) You don’t feel like Spending Time with one Another

The biggest indicator is probably the simplest; you just don’t feel like spending time with each other anymore. If this feeling comes inside you that spending time with the other person isn’t such a good thing anymore, it might be a wise idea to just talk it out and let it go. When you feel that the relationship is at an end, dragging it might be a foolish idea; be honest with each other and talk it out, which is possibly the best way to come to a positive conclusion, one way of another.

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