Five Tips to Quality Foreplay

You can’t have quality sex without quality foreplay. Let’s face it, as difficult as this sentence might sound, it stands true no matter what you say. Everybody has heard tales of the multiple orgasms that women are able to achieve, while men are only able to get one. However, how do you get a woman to orgasm numerous times in one go? Surely you can’t do that by just having sex with her?

Sex with a woman can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. In most cases, however it is even less. However, without quality foreplay, you won’t be able to build up the action to such an extent that you can really enjoy the sex. Ultimately, foreplay is a much deeper term than most people care to image. Good foreplay can help you when it comes to making love to your partner unlike they have ever experienced before. If you really want to be as good in bed as you imagine yourself to be, learning some new ways to make your partner feel loved is a grand idea. Here are the top five tips that will allow you to make her orgasm like never before:

1) Set the Mood

You can’t have foreplay without the right mood. Sex can be wild or gentle, but the foreplay has to be done just right if you really want to give her the best time of her life. In order to set the mood, there are a number of different things that you can do. Light some aromatic candles, dim the lights and use rose aroma in the bedroom. Or, sprinkle some flower petals on the bed. These are romantic gestures that will go a long way in improving the mood of your partner and yourself.

The more emphasis you place on your surroundings, the better your sex is going to be. You need to keep mutual likes and dislikes in perspective. For instance, if you like a certain brand of perfume on her, ask her to put it on. If she likes a certain fragrance on you, put that on. Most might consider them to be tiny things that don’t really affect the mood in the long run, but if you set the mood right, the whole foreplay session is going to go on a lot better than you could have imagined.

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2) Tease Her

The biggest mistake that a lot of men make during foreplay is that they try to act in a hurried manner. Remember, foreplay is all about teasing her inner desires and coaxing her to relax in your arms, and feel loved. Don’t just shove your fingers in her vagina if you really want to make her orgasm, instead be gentle, slow. Try to move your fingers around her legs, in her inner thighs and slowly caress her body.

Don’t go near her vagina, instead move around it. Kiss her navel, lick her inner thighs and wait until you see her body language literally beg you to move inside her. This is the moment when you need to start working on the clitoris. Rather than being forceful towards her, slowly caress her vagina and gently rub it until you see her squirm and move around.

3) The Boobs Play a Bigger part than you can Imagine

Most men are of the opinion that the boobs on a woman are generally designed to please them, not her. Yet they fail to realize that the boobs are actually two very possible pleasure points that can do wonders when it comes to foreplay. Kiss her nipples, lick her boobs and gently breathe on the nipples; they will soon become hard. As they do, you will notice that her body will begin to squirm. Women aren’t used to being touched around their chest region quite often, so the muscles in this area are very sensitive. If you caress your fingers on her boobs and use your tongue effectively, you can make her orgasm without doing much at all.

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Don’t go biting on her nipples so quickly, be gentle and wait until she actually asks you to take a bite. Even when she does ask you to take a bite, take one in a very gentle manner. Remember, you don’t want her to scream in pain; you want to pleasure her and tease her. Therefore, be gentle.

4) Use your Tongue

Ask any person who is experienced in bed, and they’ll tell you that the tongue is there for a lot more reasons than just speaking. Sure, your fingers can do a lot of things right, but the tongue really gets things in motion. It’s a lot of fun when you are caressing her body in your hands and loving her gently, but the tongue plays a much bigger role. It’s a great feeling for her if your fingers are moving inside her through the vagina, but she will feel even better if you gently use your tongue to love her, lick her and suck her vagina.

Oral sex cannot be discounted from quality foreplay, and if you really want to make a lasting impression, oral sex is a must. Start by gently licking her toes, and then move up. Kiss her navel, her boobs and essentially every other part of her body that you feel like. Then, when you feel that she is ready, start by licking her vagina. You’ll soon notice that her vagina is already quite wet due to your previous actions, and ultimately, this will make it an enjoyable ride for both of you.

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5) Dirty Talk Matters

You don’t need to blare it out at her, but gently whispering in her ears about how much you adore her/ love her and how beautiful she looks are all certain things that are definitely going to leave a lasting impression on her. Hearing special words about oneself is always a good feeling, and it will certainly accentuate your foreplay experience, and make her more receptive towards you.

Advice off an Escort

These are the top five tips to quality foreplay. If you want any more advice, why not ask a Highland escort. They are experts in the art of love, so can really help you add some spice into your life!

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