Five Common Mistakes Guys Make In Bed!

All guys like to think they are brilliant in bed. We all have tales as long as our arm about times we have made a woman scream with ecstasy. After we have finished the job, we walk around with a happy glow, convinced that we have given the lady a good time.

Reality on the other hand is slightly different. Granted, not every guy is fumbling around like a virgin 15 year old. But there are certainly things that guys do wrong in bed. They may not do everything wrong, but there is going to be something that the woman (or women) in your life will be left feeling irritated about.

Escort Scotland is here to help though. We have put together five things that lads out there are not doing right in bed. All of these may not apply to you, but it is likely that at least one or two will set alarm bells ringing in that brain of yours.

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We hope it helps!

1) Rushing Foreplay

A great number of guys have got foreplay all wrong. It isn’t something you do to get to the sex part, so the quicker it is done the better. Far from it

Foreplay is the part which really gets the woman excited and close to orgasm. In fact, most women don’t orgasm through full sex.

Give foreplay the time it deserves and don’t rush. The lady will surely be thankful!

2) One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Guys, for the most part, use the same tactics on all girls, and expect them to work with every girl they ever meet, ever. Sadly, this doesn’t work at all.

Every woman is different, and therefore the guy should make an effort to read her body language; see what she likes and what she isn’t blown away by.

Every sexual experience is different. There is no ‘sex by numbers’ formula. Remember that!


3) Don’t Treat Sex Like a Porno Film

Guys who watch a decent amount of porn often take their lead the actors on screen. In fact, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Girls, on the most part don’t like being called a ‘slut’ or a ‘bitch’ in bed. Also, taking your willy out of her and coming on her body without asking isn’t exciting, its disrespectful.

Always treat the lady with respect. She will have a much better time.

4) Ending the Encounter When YOU Have Finished

There is a natural tendency for the guy to think that the sex is complete the moment he shoots his load. In fact, the lady may not be completely satisfied.

Always ask her if she is as happy as you are. You will know by her tone whether she is or isn’t.

If she needs more, give her more. That can range from anything from a finger, to round two!

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5) Bailing Straight Afterwards

This is a big one. There is no better way to make a woman feel like a mere sex object than to get up and out of the bed right after you have finished.

Always make sure you spend some time cuddling her. You could even take a nap together.

Remember, bailing too early can really taint the experience for the woman, so be careful to be attentive straight after!

Asking an Escort

If you need any other tips on what not to do in bed with a lady, feel free to make an appointment with one of the Edinburgh escorts. They are a wealth of information and will be happy to share it with you.

Good luck in your future escapades. If you take a bit of advice now and again, you will surely become the lover you, and all the ladies out there dream of.

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