The Five Most Common Female Fantasies

Based on findings in the book, ‘Garden of Desires’ by Emily Dubberley there are five common concentrations of female fantasies. These include submissive, dominant, exhibitionist, group and partner sex. Women are more tuned into their sexuality than might be assumed. The world of fantasy allows them to travel beyond usual socially acceptable boundaries without any repercussions.



It’s ironic to consider that while women have fought for decades to have the same rights as men women actually fantasise about giving up control in the bedroom.

There’s a lot of pressure on women during sex to make sure they are performing well and enjoying it at the same time. This issue has definitely grown with the growing public acceptance of watching porn. The idea of having someone to tell you exactly what to do is not only a relief, but a turn on as well.

In this modern day and age it seems that women have to prove they deserve the same respect and power as men. This involves desexualising ourselves in the board room. Not only is it that we have to desexualise ourselves in the workplace, but in social settings as well.

A woman that flaunts her sexuality is associated with negative stereotypes. In this fantasy women get to let out that dirty girl that might normally be suppressed.


Conversely the second concentration of female fantasies is dominance.

This fantasy can take on many forms from being in charge of a sexual slave or cheating on a spouse. It doesn’t always have to involve the leather, whips and chains that are associated with the “Dominatrix”. The main part of this fantasy is about women receiving pleasure no matter what.

The woman is the most important part of this fantasy and being able to dismiss the needs of another is what makes this fantasy so alluring.

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Exhibitionist and Voyeuristic

This group of fantasies involves being watched having sex or watching others have sex. Having sex in public has always been a known fantasy for men, but they aren’t the only ones who enjoy a little danger.

What makes this fantasy so exciting is the possibility of being caught. In another sense women normally wouldn’t have sex in the middle of a club or open up the blinds to let the neighbours watch the dirty go down. Fantasies allow women to go places in their mind that they wouldn’t in real life.

The thought of being watched having sex is kinky and another situation where that suppressed ‘dirty girl’ can come out to play.

Group Sex

There are a multitude of scenarios that this fantasy involves and different reasons why they’re popular. Sometimes the idea of sex can become boring, there’s only so many actions, positions, hands and body parts to go around.

In group sex this barrier is lifted. The amount of stimulation can be elevated. Multiple things happening at the same time confuses the normally analytical and deep mind of a woman so that they can have pleasure or an orgasm without much effort.

Another scenario is having sex with a man and woman at the same time. There are plenty of women that aren’t attracted to women in real life, but find the idea of a lesbian encounter to be a possible turn on. When you involve a man it makes women feel more comfortable with that fantasy or gives them that taste of what they are normally sexually attracted to, say the penis.

The last part of this fantasy involves anonymity. Group sex is usually performed with people that you aren’t familiar with. This makes the situation less personal and easier to get into since there isn’t any pressure of judgement.

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Partner Sex

There is one more concentration of the female fantasy, the most popular, and surprisingly the least taboo.

It turns out that females actually fantasise about different scenarios with their own partner. It’s easy to imagine your partner making the fantasy that much clearer. It allows women to go to kinky places with their significant other.

Whatever the situation they fantasise about it ends happily because there’s been no infidelity. This can also be normal sex with one other person, be it someone famous or someone the woman is attracted to.

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Well there are the fantasies guys. It’s time for you to make those dreams of hers become reality!

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