Is it OK to Date a Much Younger Woman?

It seems like most man would like to toy of the idea of dating a much younger woman, even those half their age. This issue is much debated about and may seem controversial to many. Let’s explore some of the reasons why an older man would like to date a younger woman.

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There are many reasons why men would like to date much younger women. First and foremost would be the novelty of such a relationship. For many man, the idea of a much younger woman is fresh and exciting.


Having someone who sees the world differently and shares different views may bring about a fresh look at the world. This intrigues your stagnant views and mindset and you may find yourself trying out new and exciting things that you may have never thought of doing before. That carefree attitude, fresh outlook on life and lack of boundaries will seem appealing to most.

No commitment and baggage

Younger woman unlike those of similar age may not have marriage on their mind at all. It is most likely that they are in a relationship with no thoughts of wanting a ring on their finger and this makes it more appealing to the man as there’s almost no major commitment involved. It’s also unlikely that they don’t come with baggage from the past such as kids from a divorce or emotional baggage and less skepticism. This makes the relationship more fun and carefree.


Impressing a younger date is much easier than doing the same for older women. They are easier to satisfy in terms of materialistic and financial needs. Being the partner that earns less, there are a lot they have yet to try or experience due to limited capabilities. The being with someone who’s of an older age and having financial stability, your possessions and trips out would probably wow them no end.

At the same time, having a younger date is a boost to your ego especially when talking about the relationship with your mates. They would be in envy of how you managed to hook up such a young lady.

Her childlike innocence and ignorance may give you the chance to appear as the better person. You would earn admiration with teaching her about things she never knew. This would easily make you feel superior.

Having a younger date will make you feel like you regained your vitality in sex and in your life. Younger woman could be more giving and easier to coax into performing acts and trying out new things in the bedroom. You will yourself become more sexually charged frequently when faced with that fresh and young naked body.

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Why Not?


She may well act her age which means that she may not be understanding enough with regards to your long working hours, always throwing tantrums for nothing, making the relationship difficult for you to handle. She may not be mature enough to converse with your friends on certain topics and could easily embarrass you with her ignorance. It may also place you in a situation where you do not know how to behave around her. Being too possessive will remind her of her stalker boyfriend while being too reproachful may remind her of her father.


Though it may seem exciting at 1st, you may each have your own set of habits and lifestyle. Your golfing habits may seem too boring for her while shopping and partying with her friends may feel like a chore to you especially after a long day at work.

The choice and style of dressing may clash at times. Imagine turning up at her best friend’s party looking like the principal or her turning up at a social gathering looking like your niece. You may not be comfortable to have her dress you up in her own fashion sense nor vice versa.

No strings attached

Just as she may not be in it for the marriage, she may be in it for your money. Knowing well enough that you could afford to be her ‘sugar daddy’, it may be just her plan to milk you off whenever she can.

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In the 1st place, is she of legal age to be having sex with you? If you happen to be too eager, you may easily come off as the creepy old man who wishes to try something funny with her. Depending on how much of an age difference is involved, you may not be able to keep up with her raging hormones. When all that sex and lust is over, would the love still last?


It’s perfectly normal for a man to want to date a far younger woman. Many qualities in an older man such as maturity, the firmness in making decisions and financial stability would be some of the many reasons why they can attract younger woman.

They know that they would be pampered and well taken care of by an older date. There isn’t any standard set of rules in saying how much younger is fine. We are not saying that all such relationships will come to a nasty end as there can still be such meaningful relationships that work out in the end.

When faced with such a situation, make a logical decision after careful evaluation from the heart and don’t go into in just for the lust.

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As always, it’s up to you!

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