Fitness Fetish: Why It Turns Us On

I love working out. There is nothing quite like the feeling after an intense workout. Sure, you might hate it at the time. You might be cursing the entire world while you are at it, but after? After you feel incredible. But it seems that working out isn’t just for the people who do it. The fitness fetish shows that it is for those who enjoy others working out too.

Sexy woman lifting weights

You might think that the fitness fetish means watching hot ladies in short shorts or yoga pants. It isn’t just about seeing sexy women in tight yoga pants. We can see the appeal, but it is so much more than that. So what is it about seeing people getting buff that turns us on?

The fitness fetish

If you talk about having a fitness fetish, most people will just assume that you want to see ladies in yoga pants bending over. Sure, this might be a part of it. Yoga pants are clingy, so you see every inch of that toned ass through the pants.

However there are so many other reasons that we are turned on by watching others getting fit. For a start, seeing a woman with a fine sheen of sweat on her body is a bit of a turn on. It is like seeing somebody with oil on their body. Somehow though it is even better because you know that they have put in a ton of effort to get it there. If you aren’t a fan of the sweat then jumping into the shower with them afterwards is also pretty appealing.

If you have ever watched anyone working out, you’ll know how hot it is. The prowler is the kind of exercise kit that we hate to use, but if you watch you can enjoy seeing your sexy lady’s ass as they push the weights across the floor. The ropes are another excellent piece of equipment if you want to see her squat down low. Want to join in? Hold her feet while she does sit-ups. It will help a lot and you can even enjoy a long kiss when she reaches the top of the sit-up.

Exercise makes you feel good. It might not at the time, when you are silently cursing everyone you have ever met. But once you have finished you’ll be left feeling amazing. It is the same kind of high you get from sex, so why not capitalise on it by fucking as part of your cool down?

A sexy woman works out in yoga pants
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Your favourite fitness porn

It isn’t just us who love watching people get fit and fuck. In fact, Pornhub actually had a look to see how many people were searching for fitness porn… starting with yoga.

Yoga pants are a huge inspiration behind the fitness trend. They look amazing… but it seems that another popular search is “ripped yoga pants”. We want to see a couple working out together, kissing passionately, before the man then rips the yoga pants from her body. It is even better if he just splits them so we get to see them fuck while she is still, technically, wearing the yoga pants.

Another big turn on for us? “Naughty yoga instructor”. This, as well as “personal trainer”, are some of the most common searches. We want to see the instructors trying their hardest to behave in front of those they are helping… only to give in to temptation and fuck them hard.

But it isn’t all about the workout. Sometimes we want to see a sports massage turn into an erotic massage. We want to see the instructor sliding their hands slowly over their partner’s tired body, before teasing them to orgasm. It is even better if they put some oil on their fit body afterwards.

A woman sticks her face between the ass cheeks of a woman wearing yoga pants
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Are you a fan?

We can definitely see the appeal of the fitness fetish… especially when you combine it with yoga porn. It is a huge turn on to watch people getting fit. It is even better when you know that there is going to be one hell of a happy ending afterwards!

That said, the fitness fetish isn’t for everyone. In fact there are a lot of people out there who simply don’t get it. They might love seeing a sexy woman bending over in yoga pants, but anything beyond that doesn’t do it for them.

How do you feel about the fetish for fitness and yoga pants? Is it all a bit much, or is it really a huge turn on to watch sexy people working out? If you have a favourite exercise you like to see, or if you want to share your thoughts on this fetish, use the comment box below.

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