Exploring Your Medical Fetish Safely

When you want to explore a fetish, it is important to do so safely. This is why solo-play is not recommended. You need to have someone with you who knows what they are doing, so that you can be safely guided through the play. This is especially important when it comes to the medical fetish.

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The medical fetish (often shortened to medfet) is not simply another name for the naughty nurse fantasy. The naughty nurse is role play, where you and your partner might pretend to be nurse and patient and speak a few naughty words before you fuck. There might be a costume involved and a few key words, but it does not go as deeply as the medical fetish.

So what makes this fetish so different from the role play? And how do you go about exploring it safely?

What is the medical fetish?

According to Urban Dictionary, the medical fetish is “a paraphilia in which one has a sexual fixation on medical procedures”. This can include things like “amputations, heart surgery”, and other such things.

This, as you can probably already tell, is vastly different to finding the sight of doctors and nurses in their uniforms attractive. Finding uniforms sexy is not the same as having a medfet.

Many of those involved in this fetish find that the attraction does not stem from a uniform. Instead it is the acts that take place. Just as someone into humiliation might be aroused by name calling and sometimes even being used as a human toilet, those into metfet will want to experience the medical procedures for themselves. They might enjoy watching them take place, but many want to enjoy the experience.

What is a medical fetish?
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What does it involve?

Medfet itself is a huge area of kink to explore, and explaining every single individual possibility of play is almost impossible. There are so many different things people want to try and explore in their kink, so what it involves will change from person to person.

For many people, they find that examinations are the key. Someone might request a gynaecological exam, with the “doctor” in this situation commenting on the state of their pussy as a gynaecologist might. Dental exams, prostate exams, and urological exams all fall under this area.

Others want to take things further. You can buy specialist equipment, such as pussy and penis pumps, enema equipment, electro-stim, insertables, speculums… all designed with the intention of fulfilling a fetish. It is a whole new world of fetish to many, opening many doors for them and giving them the chance to experience something incredibly kinky.

What the medfet is like
Original source: Tumblr

The importance of safety

Of course, there are certain things in the medical fetish that are difficult to achieve. For example, needle play. Unless your mistress is professionally trained in it, you should not ask for it and it should not be on the menu. Fitting things like catheters also requires a certain level of medical expertise they may not have.

Most of the websites selling equipment for use in this way have altered them so that you do not need the medical expertise to play. You can fit them without dangering yourself, which gives more the chance to try something new. With any fetish, you still need to ensure you take things slowly. Don’t dive it at the deep end, and make sure you have a safe word set. It is far easier to ease into a fetish and escalate things than it is to tone things down. Start slowly and you’ll appreciate it all the more!

How do you feel about the medical fetish? Is it something you have experience with? Perhaps you have some advice for those keen to try it for themselves? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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