Guy Has Worst Excuse Ever For Cheating Love Bites

Many of us have been caught cheating before. Hey, as the old saying goes, if you play with fire, you risk getting burnt. If this happens, you are stuck with two choices; you can either come clean, or you can lie. However, if you choose the second option, you had better make sure that lie is convincing.

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Seems simple yes? Well, for this guy, that all seemed a little bit too complicated. Consequently, he has become the source of worldwide derision.

Cheater Doesn’t Prosper

Alex got himself a love bite, but instead of coughing up, he came out with possibly the lamest excuse any of us have ever heard.

Our ‘hero’ went and snapchatted his girlfriend saying “Babe don’t get mad! I got to show you something.

I told my dad yesterday I was gunna see you today and he thought it would be funny to jump on me to wake me up and he gave me a hickey (sic).

“I was like really! This b**** is huge!!! My mom said I look like white trash.

Well obviously his lady his lady friend wasn’t having any of it and responded with a rather heartbreaking “Alex you got me f**ked up.”

Snapchat of cheating love bite excuse

There are many problems with this story. Firstly, what the hell has Alex’s Dad ever done to deserve this? What is he trying to do, destroy him? What a real piece of shit!

Secondly, who lets themselves get love bites? They look tacky as hell, and to be fair, they are actually rather unhealthy; you cause yourself serious damage.

Now the question has arisen online that this could be bullshit. We all that this generation love nothing more than getting a viral post. Whether it is real or made up doesn’t really seem to matter.

A Similar Excuse For Cheating

However, it does remind me of a story from when I was 18. an old manager I had (great guy, once caught me drinking in-between shifts and said he didn’t see me if I didn’t see him) was talking about his days touring Europe in a band. To cut a long story short, his bandmate has been cheating, got a love bite, had blamed it on the guy who is now my manager) He got believed and my man got a punch in the mouth off the other guys girlfriend. It proved to me how bad some people’s excused can be, and how other people are often so desperate to believe them that they fall for it hook, line and sinker.

I am not 100% sure the Alex story is true, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

So folks, if you are gonna cheat, don’t get love bites. And if you are that plain retarded, at least have a better excuse than ratting out your dad for something he blatantly obviously hasn’t done.

His poor dad….

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