What Should Escorts Do if a Client Won’t Pay Anything or Negotiates the Amount?

Escorting is most certainly hard work. Not only do you have to sometimes spend time with clients that you may not choose to in your non working life, you occasionally have to deal with idiots who will either ‘negotiate’ the price, or refuse to pay all together. This can be a stressful time for any sex worker, as you can imagine. So how should an escort deal with such a scenario?

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Well, as they say about illness, prevention is better than cure. On the escort profile, you will show your prices. At no point when the initial booking is made should they be negotiated. If it is £100 for an hour, then that is what it is. Don’t let yourself get knocked down, ever. This is because clients will use forums to talk, and if you get a reputation for allowing your prices to be lowered, everyone will expect it. You will end up spending most of your phone calls and meetings discussing prices with chancers, so don’t bother. Just let the client know the price on the phone; it is up to them whether they take it or not. It really is that simple.

Cash Up Front

When it comes to the meeting, escorts should make sure all money is paid up front. In simple terms, ‘no cash, no service’. As soon as you start allowing someone to pay afterwards, you are asking for trouble. Therefore, as soon as they enter, get the cash sorted. Make them pay before anything happens. If they refuse to pay, or say ‘they don’t have the money on them’ tell them to leave. There is no middle ground.

But what to do if you make a mistake, forget to get the cash, and then they start to play up? Well, this is where is gets interesting. In some countries such as Ireland, it is illegal to pay for sex so you are in trouble about getting the cash back. However, where it is not, then a threat to call the police can have the desired effect.

A Call To The Police

Now it needs to be said, the law will consider this a civil matter, where if you want your cash, you will have to sue. Still, the threat of calling the coppers, getting them turning up, them asking the bad punter why they are a bad punter, and the perceived threat of the police calling them even if they leave will be enough for most to think ‘well, time to stop taking the piss’.

Then again, it may not be, and it is up to you whether you sue them. Will the time and expense spent on lawyers make up for the cash that you have lost from the encounter? Will you want to send a message to other clients that there will be consequences if they try and rip you off? These are all personal decisions and as a mere writer, I would never try and help make that decision for the individual.

In the end, as I said above,escorts making sure that no service ever takes place without the cash already being given is the key. If they start to barter, tell them to pay up or leave. That way, things are kept simple.

I hope that helped some of you escorts out there.

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