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People choose to go into escorting for a huge number of reasons. Many enjoy the freedom it gives them to choose their own clients, working hours, and rates. The control is in their hands, and they are the ones who decide whether a client will get to see them or not on a date. Unfortunately, there are many out there who simply don’t understand escorting, and so their actions can actually make things dangerous for escorts. That is why knowing the right escort safety tips can really help you.

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There are so many great tips that you can find as an escort to make your working life that little bit easier and a hell of a lot safer. That is why we here on the Escort Scotland blog have put together the best escort safety tips and security advice to help you know where you stand and what you need to do to keep yourself safe when working.

Taking bookings

The best place to start when looking for escort safety tips is at the beginning, when you take a booking. When you take a booking, it will usually be through phone contact with the client. It might only be a brief conversation that you have, but you can actually learn a lot about the client through this short communication. Time wasters are a big problem, and the clients who waste your time are usually the ones who don’t bother to read your profile first and simply call you straight away. If they ask for things not on your profile, they might be a time waster or just pushing their luck and not respecting your limits. This is a sign to not take the booking. If you feel at all uneasy when taking a call from a client, listen to your gut. Many escorts trust their gut instincts, and if a client seems to ring alarm bells for them, they won’t take the booking.

Incalls are the most popular types of bookings for clients, and while it might seem like the most convenient for you, you should ensure that you don’t give them the full address until they say that they have arrived. Keep the apartment, house, or room number secret until you can check that they are alone and aren’t acting in a way that makes you suspicious. Then you can clear them to come up to you. It also means that new clients, or regular clients coming to a new location, won’t know the exact number and turn up unannounced. It’s just another step to help keep you safe.

As for outcalls, a lot of escorts won’t do them unless it is with a regular client they trust, and even then they will take many steps to ensure their safety. When they are first given the address, they’ll check to make sure it is a real address. They can then do a little research on the area. It might be that the actual address you’ve been invited to doesn’t exist, as there is nothing but an empty car park. Definitely not what you want!

Heading to a hotel? You can actually check with the front desk if they have checked in not long before your date. If they haven’t, it is a bit of a red flag to you and something you should be suspicious of. You can also check the reputation of the hotel with other escorts, as some hotels are really not escort friendly. They can tell you which, and if that is where you are heading you might find yourself in a little bit of trouble.

Money money money

Money might not seem like a subject you’d expect to be covered in security tips for escorts, but many escorts will, at some point or anything, have issues with clients and payments. Most choose to take cash, but even this can have issues.

You should learn the difference between real money and fake money, and have equipment to hand to help you check it. Many shops have pens with a special ink that can help to show if the notes are fake, and you can also test them by holding them to the light.

When you get the money, ensure that the client has the correct change. Insist on this before they even turn up, as the last thing you want to do is go looking for your money and change to sort it for them. You want to keep your own money and private things hidden away from the client, just in case. It might seem like one of the more obvious escort safety tips, but many tend to let their guard down a little, especially around regular clients.

While the client is in the bathroom, you have the perfect chance to check the money. Take it to a well lit area, still close to the bathroom, and make sure it is all correct. If it isn’t, you can point it out to the client when they step out of the bathroom. Sometimes, it really is just an honest mistake, and they will apologise and try to make amends. It is up to you if you continue the booking then. However, if they start arguing about how much they have given you or that the money is totally 100% real, it is best to get them out of your apartment, as it can be a sign of things to come. Politely explain to them that you would rather not continue the booking and show them the door.

Somebody to watch out for you

Unfortunately, a great deal of countries have made it against the law for two or more escorts to be working in the same building, as this is then classed as a brothel. Whether you are sharing a flat or you are in the same apartment building as another escort that you didn’t even know about, you could get in a lot of trouble for it.

It sometimes seems like people are trying to make it as difficult as possible for escorts to stay safe out there, but there are still some ways you can have others on hand to make sure you are okay and everything is going to plan. If a client starts being difficult, you can let them know that you aren’t alone in the apartment. The fact that it isn’t just you there, and that there is someone else in the building, will hopefully make them calm down and so you can work on getting them out. Safety in numbers.

However, if you don’t have that luxury, make sure you have someone you can contact. Let them know what time your appointment is and keep them up to date on when it should finish. When the client has arrived and is in the bathroom washing themselves for the date, let your friend know that they are here. When they leave, tell them. If you don’t, they might suspect that something has happened to you and come round to see if you are okay and safe.

Having this backup can really help to settle your mind and put you at ease, which is what you want when you are spending time with a client. You don’t want to be panicking about your safety at every moment, but should the client wish to extend the date, let your friend know.

During the appointment itself

The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe during your appointment is to show that you are confident, assertive, and in control from the moment they arrive. This is one of the most popular escort safety tips you will find. This will help you to keep control later on. That doesn’t, however, mean that you have to come across as aggressive. You can still be polite and friendly while keeping the control, and the fact that you are assertive and know what you are doing will probably make the client feel much more comfortable too.

When you are in your place, you should know which rooms the client can and cannot go into. Make sure these are shut off in some way, and lead the client to the rooms they are allowed to go into. The last thing you want is a client wandering around your private place.

It is also great to make sure you know what the client is doing. Keep an eye on them as they move around the room, watching carefully for anything suspicious. If you do spot something, you then have time to react and make it clear that this kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable.

Handling yourself if things turn sour

As much as we would love for every appointment to go smoothly and without a hitch, sometimes it just isn’t possible. Things go wrong and things change a lot during bookings, and if your client does turn out to be a bad client, you need to be able to deal with it. This section of our escort safety tips and security advice looks just at that. It might be tempting to raise your voice and insult them, but often the best way of defusing a situation is to remain polite and pleasant, changing the conversation if it is one that seems to upset them a lot. By staying polite, you are actually keeping the control in that situation.

Clients might sometimes say things that are out of order, and often they are trying to test you to see what they can get away with. Make it clear that you won’t stand for it, and if they continue with the behaviour, get them out. Explain that this appointment isn’t working out for you and that you would like them to leave. Stay as polite as you can, even if they start to raise their voice, as you are then staying in control and showing that they aren’t going to get under your skin in the way that they are hoping to.

This is where working with others is a great idea. You have someone else you can check in with, but even if you don’t, your client doesn’t know this. They won’t want to risk that there might not be someone else in the apartment after all, so if you warn them that there is someone close by ready to be called in case of emergency, they’ll be cautious and calmer at the prospect of being forced out of the apartment.

Should you find yourself in a situation where the client is trying to force you to stay, or to ensure that they aren’t kicked out, you might need to raise the alarm. If you have neighbours, shouting, screaming, and banging is a good way to do it. Make some noise to alert others that something is going on. Your neighbours might call around to check what is going on, and this is the chance you need to get the client out of the apartment.

As a last resort, it is also a great idea to learn self defense. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but it is always good to have it just in case. It will make you feel much more confident, but your aim should be to get the client or yourself out.

Other great escort safety tips

You might also have to deal with a good client gone bad. It’s unfortunate and very upsetting when this happens, but hopefully these escort safety tips will help you stay one step ahead. When this happens, don’t treat them any differently than you would another bad client. If they get special treatment, they might think they can get away with more. Clients might also threaten to leave you a bad review if you don’t give them what they want. If they do this, don’t give in to them. Put your foot down and report the client, as it is likely that they will then try this technique on other escorts. They might also offer to give you a glowing review as they are a “valued client with a good reputation” to help you out for a discount, but don’t do it. These are cheapskate clients who simply want to pay less than advertised, which is disrespectful to you.

Even though the client is paying you for your time and companionship, you don’t owe them anything. If they are disrespectful to you, rude, or simply offensive and you don’t want to be with them, tell that they are out of order and that you’d like them to leave. Make sure your rules and expectations are set from the beginning so they know what to expect from you, and what you expect from them.

When you have had a bad experience, it can be helpful to talk to others. Talking to other escorts will help to warn them about a bad client, and reporting their behaviour will help to keep others safe.

The best escort safety tips and security advice revolve around you being assertive and in control, so anything you can do to keep this before, during, and after the appointment is well worth it. Got some other escort safety tips that you want to share? Use the Escort Scotland forum to share your thoughts, or simply write in the comment box below.

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  1. I have heard so many stories with escorts who have been in trouble from punters like us, not me of course, and safety for them is very important.
    A very few have asked to see ID in which I am happy to show them, just as long as they do not pass my information on.
    I myself am always wary of safety of myself and only take the correct amount of money that an escort charges and and extra £20 hidden away as if I get robbed myself. The ID card is hidden also.

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