What Should You Do if an Escort Doesn’t Speak English?

When it comes to the escort industry, communication is key. Everything is about consent, and it is that ability to speak to each other about what you want/are allowed to do which makes the experience a comfortable, consensual one. This leads to the very important question, is it OK to meet an escort who doesn’t speak the native language?

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Now it has to be said, there is a difference between not knowing English, and having basic English. Basic English, which is an option on our profiles, means that you can have a basic conversation about what you are there to do. These things include cash payment and services. In the end, if you can do that, then you don’t really need to be able to discuss the Syrian crisis at length to have a fun and consensual meeting.

Possible Problems

But what happens when the escort doesn’t know A WORD of English? Well, this could lead to a number of issues.

One major question would be, if she doesn’t know a word of English, how has she written a profile? Now it would be a natural jump to say that someone is controlling the profile on their behalf. This is why when profiles are created at E-A, we always have to talk to the escort, not a third party.

Still, that doesn’t mean that all escorts who can’t speak English are trafficked and being controlled; that is just a ridiculous generalisation. She may well have had a friend who understands the language give her some assistance. An escort having NO knowledge of the language is an indicator of her being controlled, but is not by any means proof.

Another major problem you will have is the issue of consent about what can go on in the meeting. We need to remember that what an escort is willing to do is on their profile, but they can withdraw services at any time and don’t need to give a justification to anyone.

Imagine the punter just going by what is on the profile. It says that she performs oral sex. Without her being able to say she doesn’t want to do that, he may stick his penis in her mouth without her wanting him to do it. Hardly pleasant, even if unintended.

It is the same with anal. He has her in doggy style position. He then inserts himself into her bum and she screams she doesn’t want him to do it. This is a recipe for disaster for all involved.

The problem there is the lack of communication. The clients needs to be able to ask for a service, and the escorts need to be able to say yes or no. This just can’t happen if the escort is doing a Manuel from ‘Fawlty Towers’ impression.

My Advice

My personal opinion is that you should leave an appointment if the escort has proven she has zero knowledge of the English language. This is out of respect for her as a) you want her to be there out of choice and b) you want to make sure that she is happy with everything that is going on.

Now as I said before, we need to be clear what ‘not knowing any English’ really means. I have dealt with so many clients in the review system who use hyperbole when discussing language skills. Reviews will say ‘doesn’t know any English’ but when you actually speak to the escort in question, you realise that their English is OK, no great, but passable for what we are here for. Basic English is fine, zero English is a recipe for disaster.

This whole industry is built on consent. If there are circumstances, such as no language skills which make that a grey area, we need to take a step back.

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