Does Cheating Have Its Benefits?

It happens – people cheat. Everyone has their reasons for doing it, but affairs aren’t uncommon anymore. Maybe you are someone who is currently having an affair, or you have a partner who has had one, but cheating is a big thing in many relationships.
Argument over an affair

While we might accept that cheating is wrong, sometimes it can have its benefits. Yes, really. We have taken a look around the internet to find what cheaters have said the benefits of an affair are.

Sexual tension

The main topic that comes up is that cheating and having an affair is a healthy outlet for sexual tension. The main reason that we have found for people having an affair is that they simply aren’t getting any sex at home, and this will factor into a huge number of the cheating benefits you will read below.

If you aren’t getting sex at home, you can be left feeling frustrated and tense. A wank might help you feel better in the long run, but sometimes you just need to get fucking to get it all out of your system.

Many of the people having affairs said that they had found a healthy outlet for all of that tension, and that they were able to get sex off their head for the rest of the time. As a result, they felt they were able to focus more at work and be more understanding and sympathetic about their partners’ needs, as they were not longer feeling resentful towards them for a lack of sex.

The excitement of a taboo

Having an affair is wrong. That is what we are always told. In fact, many people will say as much in their wedding vows, making having an affair a big taboo.

The problem with taboos and sex is that making something sexy a taboo simply makes us want to do it more. The fact it is forbidden can be a huge turn on for many, and the fact that there is a risk of being caught can make it even more exciting.

Even the buzz of your phone when you receive a text message can get your heart thumping, because you are eager to know if it is from your affair partner or not. It can be exciting and dangerous to have an affair, which is why so many do it.

A reminder that you’re good in bed

Some people said that the main benefit of having an affair was that it reminded them that they aren’t bad at sex. They said that they would be deprived of sex from their partner and, when they finally got down to business, it was just bad.

That left them feeling like they weren’t good enough in bed, and that is why they didn’t get to enjoy sex that much with their partner. Having an affair changed that.

One man said that, after having an affair, he was reminded that he “didn’t suck in bed”. It gave him new confidence in his abilities to please someone, and made him realise that the problem might actually be a real connection with his partner, and not that he was crap at sex.

Confidence to pursue what you need

Look anywhere on the internet and you will find people explaining why they are having an affair. They usually say that it is because they have no sex at home, as we said earlier, and that they have to go looking for it elsewhere.

Many said that, after having an affair, they saw what they were missing from their home life. It wasn’t just the sex, but it was also the excitement of trying new things with a partner and enjoyment of going on real dates together.

Young happy amorous couple celebrating with red wine at restauraBy cheating, they found that they were more confident at home to ask for what they needed. They could talk to their partner about the fact that they needed sex in their relationship, and that they wanted to try new and exciting things in the bedroom.

Reviving your sex life

Of course, one of the main benefits of having an affair is the sex. You get to enjoy it again, and it can be a huge help if you have found your and your partner’s sex drives have dwindled.

Some of those having an affair said that the managed to rekindle their sex drives and that, combined with their excitement for trying new things, actually helped their partner at home too!

What do you think? Does cheating really have its benefits, or are all of these just excuses for people to go off and have affairs? You can let us know what you think, whether you believe there are benefits or not, by visiting the Escort Scotland forum. Alternatively, you could post your thoughts in the comment box below.

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