Different Ways To Tickle Your Woman During Foreplay

Guys, I have to say this to you now in case you aren’t already aware of it; there is more to a woman than just her tits, ass and pussy. No, I’m not talking about the personality and interests that a woman would have; although you should always take that into account. I’m talking about the different parts of the female body that can make her pants wet when you touch her the right way during foreplay.

A couple lying in bed during foreplay

Of course, every lady would get weak at the knees when you’d tease her clit and pinch her nipples, but that doesn’t mean that you can go and attack those areas immediately! Let me tell you, gentlemen, those are good ways to turn a woman off when you’d just land on her like a humpback whale. Therefore, I’m writing this article to help you guys to not make your companion slide her underwear back on, leave your home immediately and not send you a reply from the text that you’ve sent to her to ask for round 2.

A great way to start it off!

Women are delicate creatures. No matter how boyish some of us may look, we always revel in the soft, sensual touch of a partner. I may sound a little bit poetic here, but it’s true. It’s a sense of feeling cherished and wanted by your lover; not the sensation of being someone else’s masturbation tool. If you make your companion feel wanted, she will want you even more.

So, my advice would be to brush her cheek with your fingers, or gently place the palm of your hand on hers. It’s a good way for your partner to recognize that you want to be romantic with her. I remember an old partner of mine used to do this to me a lot; especially on the first night when we got a little hot underneath the bed sheets. Without thinking about it, I pulled my body closer to his, to the point where he trailed his hand from my face, down to my neck; that is another erogenous zone to play with!

Play with her neck!

I don’t know how I could get horny by someone touching my neck. There are days when I’d want to be kissed and stroked gently on the side of my neck, whereas there would be other days when I’d want nothing more but to have someone grab my throat and breathe down my neck. Just to let you guys know, I’m not a fan of extreme asphyxiation, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here writing all of this kinky shit for you to read!

Anyway, the neck is another important erogenous zone that you should take into account during foreplay. Alongside my ears, I love it when a guy would softly trail the tip of his tongue up, down and around my neck; that’s why I always wear CK ONE: Calvin Klein perfume every day.

Seriously, any girl would love it when you tease her neck with your lips, tongue and breath. However, that could me just me. My skin may be very sensitive to touch, so if your partner isn’t feeling your breath on her neck, breathe harder.

Love her torso!

For those who like to toy with their partner’s body with their tongues, listen up because I have another anecdote that I would like to share with you. Remember me telling you about the old partner of mine rubbing my cheeks with his fingers? Well, I guided him to the bedroom where we were holding each other’s hands; isn’t that sweet?

After I took him to my temple of love, also known as my bedroom, he cheekily yet gently pushed me onto the bed and sensually took off my blouse. I wasn’t sure what he was planning to do to me, I was thinking that he would start to play with my tits, but no.

He wanted to take his time with me and played with my abdomen and torso with his hands and tongue. I have to say this; never have I ever felt so turned on when he started to trace his tongue from my hip and up to my breasts. It’s one of the best methods to get your lady’s body to heat up like a kettle.

Do you want to make her spread her legs open?

Now, you would be raring to go straight towards the pussy, but the marathon isn’t over yet. If you’re going to warm up the top half of your woman’s body, then you have to get her legs tingly too!

Some guys absolutely adore feet and there are guys who don’t, but it can also be a nice surprise for a woman to receive attention on her feet. If you want to play it safe and not freak your companion out if she’s not a foot lover, you can simply kiss the arc of her feet.

I’ve had a lot of guys do this to me before and it does make me feel like they loved every part of my body. What I love doing is brushing my calves against their cheeks, especially if they have a stubble or a beard; more hair on their faces are always good. Then, you make your way up to her inner thigh by either kissing or licking her skin, again.

Trust me, if you’re going to do that to a girl, don’t be surprised if she would begin to spread her legs open for you to burrow your face between her thighs. It would bridge the connection between foreplay and oral sex. You can also apply this method to your companion when she would be lying on her back.

If she would be in that position, you can start by nibbling on her shoulders a little bit; that would make her giddy. Afterwards, you begin to trace your tongue once more down her back, where you can be extra cheeky and bite her ass cheeks softly, before give her a good salad tossing; another bridge between foreplay and oral sex.

The best foreplay tips

Gentlemen, if you want your woman to ask you for round 2 in the bedroom again, then make sure that you have jotted down some notes from here! However, if you believe that I have missed any other female erogenous zones in this article, or have some comments that you would like to share, feel free to write them in the section below or on the Escort Scotland community forum!

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