How to Correct What She is Doing in Bed!

We are often told that criticism is necessary to improve in life, but there is a certain way to do it. No one likes to have their insecurities pointed out to them and criticised. When it comes to bringing up problems in the bedroom, simply telling her she “sucks” in bed is not going to go down well. If your partner is understanding and not prone to being hurt by your honesty, then keep doing what you’ve been doing. However, if you need a little help turning your otherwise harsh criticism into something pleasant and palatable, read on. For more help and suggestions, talk to a friendly Dundee escort today. These ladies understand how sensitive this issue can be, and can give you advice on the best time and place to broach the subject.

She Needs a Trim

This is a common problem that men struggle to bring up. One thing to remember is; if you want her neat and trim, she may want the same from you too. An easy solution is to suggest a spa night. Set the scene with candles and flowers, and run a hot bath for her. Then offer to trim and shave her, followed of course by a massage and oil. Your partner will appreciate the pampering, and you get to enjoy the newly nude feel. It’s a win-win situation for you both.

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She’s a Bad Kisser

No two people kiss in the same way. Some leave you feeling light-headed, some are forgettable, and some are just plain awful. How do you improve a bad kissed? First, examine your own kissing style. You may be part of the reason behind the problem – are you over aggressive? Do you use too much tongue? If you think your kissing is fine, look at what you want from your partner. If you want gentle, sensual kisses; lighten your kisses and slow it down a little. If you want something a little more passionate; try tugging her hair lightly as you kiss. Lead by example and have fun with it. Experiment until you find a kissing style that you both enjoy.

She’s too Aggressive

A girl on top is a super sexy thing, except when she’s thrashing around and bending you in ways that are anatomically incorrect. If she’s being a little too aggressive, you might need to grab her hips and slow her down a little. Furthermore, if the angle she’s in is uncomfortable, gently pull her forward for a better angle. Through grasping her hips, you are preventing the actions that’s causing you pain without verbally criticising her. If the problem persists, use your moans and groans to indicate what you are enjoying, she’ll quickly get the hint and abandon the moves you dislike.


She Gives you Painful Oral Sex

Some women try to mix things up a little when giving oral, which can involve using teeth and other techniques that can cause pain. What do you do to fix this situation? This problem needs to be talked through. How do you expect her to know what you like and dislike without telling her? As you have never brought it up before, the likelihood is that she thinks this is what you enjoy. As she begins to work her way down to your penis, start describing how you like it. Encourage her by first telling her what you liked about what she did, and then move on to suggesting new things you would like to try out. When she’s getting it right, use your moans to voice your appreciation – this will boost her confidence and encourage her to new things.

She’s Unresponsive

This can mean one of two things; she doesn’t respond to your efforts, or she doesn’t reciprocate. If it’s the former – ask her if everything’s ok and get to open up about what she is thinking or feeling. She may be stressed, or she may be uncomfortable with something you are doing. Either way, these issues need to be addressed. If you feel like you are doing all the work, ask her to do something specific, or guide her hands to where you want them. You could also by her some sexy underwear and suggest she perform a strip tease, or roll her on top of you the next time you are getting frisky. If you do this a couple of times, she should get the hint and try returning the favour.


Our main advice is to communicate with your partner. When there’s issues in bed, take the time to talk through your problems, but make sure you listen to what she has to say too. She may also be experience some discomfort, so pay attention. The great thing about having fun with your woman is that a lot can be taught by example, so keep it light and turn it into a game. Kiss her body all over as you would like it, and then get her to kiss you all over in the way she likes. You can easily share laughter and learn more about each other and your communication styles. Use this opportunity to open up and talk, your sex lives will drastically improve.

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