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If you are interested in reading and learning about Scottish folklore and stories of the past, the city of Inverness has bound to come up at one point or another. Inverness is one of the oldest cities in all of Scotland, and over the passage of time has developed in to a very modern city. Inverness is also the capital city of the Highlands of Scotland. The location of Inverness is very near to to two battle sites on a historic scale; the battle of Biar nam Feinne, which took place back in the 11th century that was fought against the Norwegians, while the second famous battle site is that of the Battle of Culloden, which took place in the 18th century. The battle site is located at the Culloden Moor. Now, the population of Inverness is less than a 100,000, so for people who are expecting a city as big in size and stature as Edinburgh or Glasgow, don’t.

However, Inverness is still developing and growing. Throughout Europe, it is regarded as the fastest growing city. A population of around 50,000 back in 2003 expanded to around 58,000 in 2010, which just shows the speed at which the city is developing. Economically, Inverness has also registered massive growth; the largest average productivity per person was reported in Inverness, and growth in the United Kingdom was registered at number 2, with an increase reported of around 86%. People who are visiting the city of Inverness would like to know a thing or two about its past, so as to get a feel for the old buildings and historic landmarks, so here’s a brief history of the city:


History of Inverness

Inverness is a pretty old city, there’s no doubt about that. It was one of the major strongholds for the Picts, and St. Columba even visited this land in the hope of converting the Pictish king Brude. The location of Inverness is pretty important as well, because the city is placed in a very strategic position. Over the past, it was the region in which a number of battles were fought. A number of castles are also located in or nearby the city, all of which hold historic significance. Those who are interested in the architectural significance of the city will be very pleased by the sheer number of buildings; from castles to cathedrals and large churches, Inverness has it all.

The city also has a number of springs around it, and a lot of people have held the belief over the years that the water from these springs holds healing properties. The names of these springs are generally in Gaelic, and the city itself has a number of different areas which are named in Gaelic; hence showcasing the olden nature of the buildings and the area around Inverness.

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Tourism in Inverness

As stated, Inverness isn’t a very big city, so if you are looking for activities and enjoyment on the same scale as Glasgow or Edinburgh, don’t. However, that does not mean that Inverness is a boring place to be. In and around the area of the city, there are a number of different battle sites and natural springs that are worth visiting. The city is steeped in to history, so you can visit a number of historic locations. Culloden Moor, for instance provides a great option for people who have read about the history of the Battle of Culloden, and is marked with various positions.

The Urquhart Castle is another old castle that is located in the area, and had been used by the nobles in the past. Another very famous castle in the region is the Cawdor Castle. There are a number of castles that have been built in the area, and the most famous of these is the Inverness Castle, which was used by the royalty of Scotland. Another famous castle is the Castle Stuart. Visiting Chanonry Point is also a great idea. You can also see nature at its finest near Plodda Falls.

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Escorts in Inverness

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