Condoms: Choosing The Right Condoms For You

It’s pretty easy to get hold of condoms. They are available in tons of stores, and you can even pick them up for free from your local sexual health clinic or gay bar. Even if you are looking for special condoms, you won’t have to go far to find them. But are you guilty of buying the wrong condoms?

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The chances are that you might be. It’s an easy mistake to make and one of the most common, so how do you choose the right condoms for you? I talk you through it on the Escort Scotland blog

Size does matter!

This is the only time that you will hear me say it, but when it comes to buying condoms, size matters. Believe it or not, condoms do not operate on a “one-size-fits-all” policy. In fact, many men find themselves wearing ill-fitting condoms without even realising it. They could be too large or too small, and this can be bad.

Too big means that the condom has more chances to slip off during sex. Definitely not what you want, since you’ll be using condoms to ensure you have safe sex. Too small and the condom might break. A condom too small for your penis is far more likely to tear, because it is stretching around your cock. If you have ever felt that condoms are restrictive and uncomfortable, it could be because you are wearing the wrong size.

If you aren’t sure whether you are in the right size condoms, think about your history with them. If they slip off, or it feels like you are wearing a plastic bag around your dick, it is too big. Go a size smaller. If you have had more broken condoms in your sex life than you’d like, go up a size. If they feel fine, then you’ll probably be wearing the right size.

Different condom varieties

Getting the right size is a big deal when it comes to condoms. If the size is wrong then you are going to have a bad time. It’ll feel uncomfortable and awkward, so you need to take the time to figure out which are the right condoms for you. But what then?

No matter what the occasion is, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of condoms out there for you to try. Whether you want to last longer in bed or make your partner feel better, there’s a condom for that. It is simply a case of shopping around!

Want to know about the different varieties available out there? Here are the main ones you should look out for.

• Extra safer/thicker condoms

Condoms are the only method of contraceptive that will not only help to prevent pregnancy, but also stop the transfer of STIs and STDs. Some people aren’t happy to just rely on the rubber. They want a little extra security, and so they’ll seek out thicker condoms. Thicker condoms feel like they will last longer, which helps to reassure people.

• Climax control condoms

Sometimes you just want to last that little bit longer in bed. You might be left feeling unsatisfied by your performance. The likelihood is that you’ll look for ways to delay your orgasm. Thankfully, many condom companies actually have climax control or delay condoms. They have a lube on the inside to numb your penis a little, making the sensations far less intense. It is going to be one of the easiest solutions to hold off your orgasm.

• Thin condoms

Even if you have the right condoms for your cock size, you might still hate the feel of condoms. Many prefer the feeling of sex without a condom, but obviously this isn’t going to work for a lot of people. Safe sex is the hottest sex, so why not have both? Thin and ultra-thin condoms claim to give you the feeling of sex without a condom while you wear one. Worth a shot if you want that real feel!

• For their pleasure

Sometimes, sex just doesn’t work out for your partner. They might not feel as good when it is over, or they might have found it harder to achieve orgasm. This is where specialistic condoms come in handy! Many condom brands offer condoms for your partners pleasure. They have things like ribs and dots on them to stimulate their body in all of the right ways.

• Latex-free condoms

Finding the right condoms for you is made even more of a challenge if either you or your partner has an allergy to latex. It happens, and it can cause a great deal of irritation. Rashes and dryness are common with this allergy, so you may want to explore latex-free condoms for a safe sex alternative that won’t bring you out in an unpleasant rash.

• Flavoured condoms

Sucking cock might be enjoyable for some, but others don’t like it. They might not enjoy the taste of dick, or they might be cautious about catching something while doing it. Wearing condoms helps with this, but condoms don’t taste good. If you regularly enjoy giving oral but don’t like the taste of condoms, it might be worth exploring flavoured condoms. They can make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Bonus tip: use lube!

There are so many different types out there, which will definitely make finding the right condoms for you a bigger challenge than you thought it might be. However, finding the right size is half of the battle. The other half? Using lube.

Condoms are more likely to rip as times goes on. Friction causes them to tear, so your once-safe sex is now unsafe. It is worth investing in some lube to prevent this. Not only will lube help to prevent tears, but it’ll also make the experience far more pleasant for you and your partner. Just make sure you go for water-based or silicone-based to use with latex condoms, as oil-based destroys latex.

Got your own tips you want to share on finding the right condoms? You can use the comments below to join in the discussion. Is there a brand you love or a type of condom that works for you? Tell me all about it!

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