Cafe’s Refusal To Serve Gay Couple Goes Very Wrong!

Here at Escort Scotland, we have always been supporters of the LGBT community in their quest for equality and the same respect afforded to every other member of society. Still, we know that not everyone in the world shares our view on how things should be.

This is why we found this story coming from Texas, USA, so hilarious.

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A Hilarious Miscalculation

A Texas restaurant owner who refused to serve a gay couple has seen his act of extreme prejudice backfire spectacularly, with numerous reviews appearing online describing the place as a ‘gay bar’.

A waitress at Big Earl’s Bait House and Galley Cafe in Pittsburg, Texas, told a gay couple not to come back because they “don’t serve fags here”, according to local reports.Big Earl went on to defend the waitress (who incidentally was his daughter) by saying that the restaurant policy was for ‘men to act like men, and women to act like ladies’.

The sign also states there is a ban on ‘saggy pants’, and that it has the right to refuse to serve anyone it chooses.

This is where the hilarity starts. The company has a Yelp page where customers can review their dining experience. Unfortunately for Big Earl, people have used that to to say it is really a gay bar.

One review goes as follows.

“It says ‘Bait House’ but the place was more like a Bath House with all the horny Texas cowboys flirting and slapping each other’s behinds. Very gay-friendly atmosphere!”Photos have even been uploaded where the establishments billboard has been changed to ‘Big Gay Al’s’ (a notorious homosexual character in TV show ‘South Park’)

A Different World

In Scotland we are seeing a real acceptance of the LGBT community over the last few years. The Aberdeen TS escorts are doing great business, and feel happy and secure in the city. Yes, there is still a long way to go, and some people will have views and beliefs that are as offensive as they are outdated, but it really is a damn site better than some places, such as Texas.

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I actually feel sorry for any gay people who have to live over there. One suspects that in a religious area like Texas, it will take longer for gay people to get the acceptance that is definitely happening in many other parts of the USA.

So credit to all the comedians who sabotaged the review pages of Big Earl’s Bait House. No, it probably won’t cause any major damage to his business as you imagine his cliental would, for the most part, support the decision to refuse service to gay people. However, it will no doubt have pissed Big Earl and his bigoted family off no end.

It certainly brought a smile to the faces of everyone here at Escort Scotland!

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