Anal Play 101: A Guide For Beginners

Sex can get a little dull after a while if you don’t try new things. Simple acts like trying new positions or adding sex games to the bedroom can make a huge difference. It’ll make sex exciting again and add a hell of a twist to your usual routine. For some people it isn’t enough. They want to do something a little more exciting, and so anal play seems very appealing.

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When people think of anal they instantly think of anal sex. However, anal play covers a huge amount of different sex acts you can enjoy. Everything from fingering to rimming to pegging can be a part of it. So if you want to try it, what do you need to know to get started?

Failing to plan…

You might have decided that you want to enjoy a little anal fun. Great! But have you planned and prepared as you need to? I ask because often people think it is as simple as slipping and finger in there and that’s it.

It is more complicated than that. To start with, whoever is enjoying the anal fun will need to be relaxed. A hot bath helps, but often the most fun way to do it is to have a sensual massage. So prepare everything you need for a massage. Body lotion might be good, but oils work better as they last longer and help your hands to slide all over their sexy body. Make sure you have towels too so that they can dry off afterwards!

You should also talk about what you want from your anal play with your partner. Earlier I said that “anal play” could cover anything from fingering to pegging. You don’t want to suggest it and find that they have bought a strap-on for the occasion when you only wanted fingering! So take the time to talk about what you want and you’ll be ready.

Another essential? Lubrication. If you don’t have lube then you are going to have an unpleasant time. Lube will help your favourite toy, finger, or cock slip easily into your ass, and make it a much more fun (and less painful) experience.

As long as your partner is up for trying anal play, you should get the lube ready
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Slow down and start small

This isn’t something I should need to say, but so many people seem to think that it is a race. They want to get to the anal fun as soon as possible so that they can get off quickly. This isn’t the case. If you rush it, not only will it be uncomfortable, but it could also be painful.

There is no rush. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So take your time. Nice and easy does it, so really enjoy the foreplay with your partner. Slow and sensual touches will help to put you both at ease before you move on to the next big thing.

I should also point out that you should start small. You might be eyeing up that large dildo and thinking “I’d love to feel that in my ass”, but if you go too big too soon you are going to cause damage. You don’t want to tear your ass. You just want to feel pleasure.

So start with a finger. A finger is small, and you can even try it on yourself first to see if you like it. If it is painful you can stop immediately. You’ll need to work your ass up to trying bigger and better things, which is why taking your time is so important. It means that, when you do get to the end goal, it will feel much more pleasurable.

Anal fun of any kind should be done nice and easy
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What counts as anal play?

There are so many different acts you can enjoy as anal play. Fingering is a popular one, and because this is something you can do on your own you might feel more comfortable exploring it. If you find that you enjoy it, then you can think about mentioning to your partner.

Rimming is also a popular act. Your partner will tease your tight asshole with their tongue and leave you feeling fantastic. They could even jerk you off at the same time so you can experience what the rusty trombone is like!

Toys are another popular thing to try. Butt plugs and anal beads can be used on your own or with your partner, so there is always plenty of scope to try new things! Beads might be better to start off with, as these tend to start small and then grow in size. However, both anal beads and butt plugs are excellent for anal training.

Got some other great tips you want to share with others to help them have the most incredible anal experience? You can use the comment box below. Tell us your favourite things to do and you might just help others find the perfect sex act to enjoy in the future!

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