A Guide to Visiting Dundee

Tourists who are visiting Scotland will definitely want to visit Dundee, which is the fourth largest city of Scotland. Located in the eastern central Lowlands on the northern bank of the Firth of Tay, Dundee is a great place for people who are looking to view the true Scottish culture in pristine detail. Scotland’s culture is one of the oldest in all of Europe, and since Medieval times, the city has played a major role in the area.

Comparatively, the population of Dundee isn’t much; last year’s consensus revealed the population of Dundee to be around 156,561. Throughout the passage of history, Dundee has been given the title of being the city of ‘jute, jam and journalism’.

In all of Scotland’s history, Dundee is the most prolific in terms of the scientific discoveries. The city is often billed as being ‘One City, Many Discoveries’ because of its dedicated contribution to science, as well as the RRS Discovery, the Antarctic exploration vessel which was used by Robert Falcon Scott. The vessel was built in Dundee, and at present is berthed in the harbor of the city. For tourists, the ‘City of Discovery’ provides a great many places to visit, but you won’t be able to understand the true significance of the architecture and buildings within the area until you know a thing or two about the history of this famous city.


History of Dundee

There is a lot of evidence available which states that Dundee was occupied by humans during the early ages. However, the real development of Dundee came as it became a seaport town when a charter was given by William the Lion, which granted Dundee to his younger brother. The younger brother, David, led Dundee to a period of growth and development, and in general, Dundee prospered. During the First War of Independence, the town and the castles were occupied by the English forces, but it was recaptured in 1312.

During the 1500s, Dundee was in the middle of a number of battles and then, by 1645, Dundee was again laid to siege at the time of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Primarily, medieval Dundee’s economy was based upon the export of raw wool, while finished textiles were only manufactured due to the recession within the 15th century. As the textile industry of Dundee grew, so did a number of new, supporting industries within the area, especially the whaling, shipbuilding and maritime industries. The waterfront also began to be developed significantly by the 1800’s, primarily because the port capacity was increasing significantly in Dundee.

At its peak, the port harbor of Dundee created 200 ships every year, as well as the famous RRS Discovery, the Antarctic exploration vessel which was used by Robert Falcon Scott. The whaling industry of Dundee was also very well developed, mainly because the whale oil was supplied to the jute industry. However, the whaling industry was completely finished by 1912, while ship building ceased in 1981. At present, Dundee has a number of different industries and scientific institutions, which is why it is also known as the City of Discovery.

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Tourism in Dundee

Due to its extensive history, there are a great many places for people to visit in Dundee. First and foremost, the famous Antarctic Exploration Vessel used by Robert Falcon Scott, the RRS Discovery is still present in a dry dock in Dundee, and attracts around 200,000 visitors on an annual basis. Without doubt, this museum ship is definitely worth visiting. The famous Dundee Science Center is also worth visiting, as it includes a number of different scientific innovations that have taken place in the country during the past two centuries. The Camperdown Country Park is another very nice place to visit, and provides a feel for the olden architecture of the city. The McManus Galleries is a Gothic style building which has a number of art galleries for people to visit. The Broughty Castle is an extremely old castle that still stands today.

Those who have an interest in astronomy will likely want to visit the Mills Observatory, the famous observatory located in Dundee. The famous frigate of the 1800’s, HMS Unicorn is also located at the Victoria Dock in Dundee.

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