8 Dirty Talk Phrases You Need To Use!

There is nothing quite like someone whispering sensual things in your ear during sex. Even in the build up to fucking, the right word at the right time can make a huge difference. But dirty talk scares people. They aren’t sure of the right dirty talk phrases and words to use.

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Kinky conversation in bed doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are struggling it can help to have some dirty talk phrases to hand, ready to use. Not sure where to start? We have the eight dirty talk phrases you need to use in the bedroom!

1. Tell me what you want

Dirty talk gives you the perfect excuse to ask your partner what they really want in bed. All you have to do is start with foreplay, get them dripping wet, and then say to them “tell me what you want”.

It will sound incredibly sexy and show that you are willing to take feedback. They might tell you to suck their clit or to simply fuck them. Either way, simply asking what they want is one of the best things you can do to turn somebody on.

Tell me what you want
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2. All day

You might have been thinking about your partner all day, dreaming of their pussy sliding up and down your cock. If so, don’t hide it. Tell them all about it.

Say to them “I’ve been thinking about your pussy all day”. They will love hearing you say it and they might even want details. Share with them. Tell them exactly what you have been thinking about their pussy.

Love eating them out? Tell them. Go into detail about how much you love licking their pussy. You can even use it as a hint to your partner about what you are going to do. Tell them what you have been thinking and then do it. They’ll know what is coming next and that will be the biggest turn on of them all.

Why can't I stop thinking about his mouth on my mouth?
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3. Confirmation

Your partner might know exactly what to do in the bedroom to make you squirm. They might know the perfect way to touch your cock and make you hard. If you are hoping to get them to tease you while they are touching you, there is one thing you can say.

Tell them when it feels good. By saying “that feels so good”, they will want to keep doing it. They might even tease by asking if it still feels good if they slow down. They want you to really beg for it.

So good...
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4. Get really dirty

The whole point of using dirty talk phrases in the bedroom is that you get a little dirty. It isn’t the time to keep your language to yourself. Swearing is fine in the right context, and dirty talk is definitely the right context.

Saying to your partner “fuck me harder” is the perfect way to let your kinky conversation get a little dirtier. You can even simply say “fuck me” if you have been enjoying foreplay for a long time and now just need sex.

Fuck me!
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5. Mistress

Dirty talk isn’t just reserved for those into vanilla who hope to spice things up a little. If you are into BDSM, you can use it then as well. Why not try talking to your partner by calling them mistress?

Saying things like “please mistress” and “thank you mistress” can make a huge difference. For those keen to explore their fetishes it can also be a kinky way to give control to your partner. By using the title “mistress” for them, you are saying that you want them to take control.

It works even better if you say “mistress” constantly. For example, if they tell you to beg, you could say “yes mistress” before doing as they command. Very kinky!

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6. Say my name

In the heat of the moment, when things are getting really intense, it can be difficult to form words. You might find that you simply moan over and over again. Moaning is good when you aren’t sure about the sexy things to say, but there is one other thing you can do.

Say their name. In fact, you don’t even have to say it. You can just moan it. It will sound great to them and turn them on. They’ll know that what they are doing is getting you closer and closer to orgasm… so they’ll keep going.

You’ll know just how hot it is to hear someone say your name during sex, so why not return the favour?

Say my name
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7. Don’t stop

You and your partner might really love teasing each other in the bedroom. You know how it is. You get them so close to orgasm that they begin to moan… and then you simply stop what you are doing. It can make them groan in frustration but they love it.

Fed up of all of the teasing? Simply tell them “don’t stop”. “Please don’t stop” works perfectly if you think that saying “don’t stop” will make them stop. Use it when you are really close and see if they will follow your command and keep going.

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8. Start praying

There is one thing that happens a lot during sex. People suddenly find religion. We start shouting “oh God” over and over again.

This usually happens when things get so intense. It feels so good that we can’t help ourselves. We’ll moan “oh God yes!” as loudly as we can and that just spurs our partner on to go harder and faster. Even if you don’t follow any religion it can be hot to say this in the bedroom.

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Your favourite dirty talk phrases

There are so many different things you can say during sex to turn your partner on. These are just a few of the dirty talk phrases you can try out. Test them all to see what works best and you’ll slowly begin to get ideas for other hot things to say. If words fail you, you can always simply moan and groan instead!

Got your own favourite dirty talk phrases you want to share? You can tell us all about them in the comment box below. Share your favourites with us and see what other hot things people have been saying. You might just get some ideas for spicing things up in bed.

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