The 5 Best Positions To Make Her Come

Women don’t always orgasm through penetrative sex. Often we need a little extra help to get there, and so clit stimulation and toys can help. Another excellent way to help? Why not try one of these positions to make her come.

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These sex positions are the ones which give you the best chances to make her come. It might be that these positions perfectly angle your cock towards her g-spot with each thrust, or that they allow you to reach her clit and get her off that way. So which positions are the best for this?

1. Girl on top

If you are wondering how to make her come, the best thing you can do is put her in control. This is why the girl on top position is perfect. She’ll be in charge of how fast and deep things go, and when she leans forward it’ll make things incredibly intimate between you.

Adjusting the angle so your cock hits her g-spot will be easy. She can lean back so that your cock hits her g-spot, and you can reach down to stimulate her clit.

The girl on top position
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2. Reverse cowgirl

Similar to the position above, this one is another fantastic one for getting her off. It puts her in control and is a great variation on the girl on top, but the 180 degree change will make it hotter than ever.

This position is a little more forgiving on her legs if she straightens them on, and you can grab hold of her hips. Best of all, she can play with her own clit and tits as you both fuck!

The reverse cowgirl position
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3. Spooning

Eager to enjoy some slow sex? The spooning position is perfect for this. It is ideal for those times when you want to be close and intimate without the rough, fast sex that you might usually be tempted by.

The fact that you are lying down makes it fun, and your hands are then not busy holding yourself up. Instead you can reach around and play with her body. It’s even better if you get her to guide your hands!

Spooning is the perfect position
Original source: Women’s Health

4. The straddle

For those eager to leave her in control, you can try this position. It is a great position to make her come as she is in charge, but the change in angle will bring you closer together and allow great face to face sex.

Best of all, you can enjoy this position anywhere. You can sit cross-legged on the bed if you want, or you can take this position to the floor. It’ll be a great kinky twist, and is perfect for a slow fuck.

The straddle
Original source: Cosmopolitan

5. Laid down doggy

Doggy is a fantastic position for sex, but one of the best variations to it to make her come is the laid down doggy. You’ll get into doggy position and then your partner will lie down, making for a fun and intense time together.

Not only will it make her pussy feel very tight, but it’ll mean that your cock is hitting her g-spot with each and every thrust. She can also reach under herself to rub at her clit, making for one of the best orgasms of her life.

The laid down doggy position
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Make her come

If you really want to know how to make her come, you could always ask your partner. While these positions above can help to point you in the right direction, conversation will make it easier.

Nobody will know how to get your partner off better than your partner, so ask them which positions they love the most. They can then show you, so what are you waiting for?

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