4 Ways You Can Up Your Oral Game

For a lot of women, oral sex is something we dread. We love the idea of it, but as soon as you get someone lacking experience in charge, it makes it just feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. It can be a hell of a turn on when a talented tongue hits your clit, but the rest of the time we are left wishing we could just be alone with our hand for some fun.

4 Ways You Can Up Your Oral Game

If you suspect that you need to do more to make oral into something she really loves, then we have some tips for you. Check out these four ways you can up your oral game and see if you can leave her begging for more! You can even leave your own top tips in the comment box below.

1. What she really really wants

It would be fantastic if you were a mind reader. The idea of being able to look at your partner and instantly knows what she wants in the bedroom is a dream for many. When you get to know each other better this might even be a reality, but to begin with, this isn’t a power you have.

So instead you are going to have to do is try the old fashioned method of asking your partner what they want. This is something that a lot of people feel uncomfortable with. They feel that it is a weakness, that they are then admitting to their partner that they aren’t good enough in the bedroom to enjoy it. That isn’t the case at all. You are showing your partner that you actually give a fuck about their pleasure and want to get it right.

Plus, who knows what turns your partner on better than your partner? They know themselves so well. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what they like, and how they will touch themselves to get themselves off. You’ll basically be given an instruction manual to their orgasm… so how is this a bad thing?

If you ask, your partner will happily tell you what they really really want in bed
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2. Don’t use oral as foreplay

Another issue that a lot of women have with oral is that it tends to be used as a warm-up to sex. Instead of setting aside time to eat her out just because you want to, a lot of people will decide that licking her cunt is part of foreplay.

If you want to give her an unforgettable orgasm, don’t use it as foreplay. Instead do other things to turn her on first. A slow and sensual massage will work well, as you can help her relax before slowly teasing your body. Then when it does come to cunnilingus, she’ll be relaxed enough to enjoy it.

Should you decide to make eating her out the final thing you want to do with her in the bedroom, don’t have the aim to get her to cum. She’ll feel the pressure to squirt, which can actually make it so much harder to cum. How many times have you felt under pressure with your orgasm and found that this only makes things worse? Just take your time to eat her out and enjoy it instead of making it the warm-up for sex.

Oral should never be a replacement for foreplay
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3. Take her to the edge

When you are on your own you might be tempted to tease yourself as much as possible. You could slowly start to jerk yourself off, keeping each movement slow and steady because it feels so good. Then when your orgasm gets close, you will stop stimulation completely and back off. This is known as edging, and will lead to an intense orgasm when you finally let yourself go over the edge.

Edging isn’t just for solo time. You can do this with your partner during oral if she likes the sound of it. When she starts to moan that you are going to make her cum, stop stimulation. She might groan in frustration and start begging for you to let her cum. It’ll be a huge turn on for you to hear this, and when she does finally get to cum it will be incredibly intense.

The key is to find her point of no return. This is the point where she cannot stop her orgasm. It might take a while to find it, but you’ll discover that it is a lot of fun for you both and gives you the chance to get to know her better. Plus who doesn’t love having intense orgasms?

Edging is fun in the bedroom, but especially during cunnilingus
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Face sitting and pussy worship

You might absolutely love her pussy. You might believe that it is absolutely the best thing in the world and that you could happily kiss her cunt every day for the rest of your life. If so, try a little pussy worship. Tell her how much you love her tight pink hole and that you want to show her how much you love it.

Not enough for you? Something else you can do is lie down on the bed and allow her to take control. Face sitting is a huge turn on for many and dips into the world of BDSM. It is almost as though your partner is making you lick their pussy in the way that they love the best. They’ll grind on your face when it feels good so you know that you are doing things right.

Pussy worship is a lot of fun, especially when it is combined with face sitting
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Simple steps to improve your oral game

There are so many different things you can do to step up your oral game, and we have given you four simple steps to try. You’ll find that they really do many a big difference to her enjoyment.

Got some of your own tips that you want to share? You can let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. Do you consider yourself a cunt connoisseur? Share your best tips and what you love doing the most during cunnilingus.

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