Five Reasons Men See Escorts

We hear a lot of reasons about why men visit escorts courtesy of the mainstream media. Usually they are not complimentary. Punters are painted as losers who are incapable of meeting women in the traditional fashion, so instead have to pay for sex. As experts in the industry, we know this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Still, what are the main reasons people see escorts? What is the real story of those who meet the men and women on our website? Well, here is a list of the reasons that our site, and many others are getting more and more popular.

1) The Escorts are REALLY Hot

I am not talking hot, I mean these men and women are model material. These are not the kind of people you meet on a night out, and even if you did, the chances of them being available are negligible at best. However, when you visit our site, they are just a call away. It would take a strong man to resist that kind of temptation.


2) They Want Control

Before you say anything, I don’t mean this in a negative way. I mean that they get to ask for things without fear of rejection. Obviously on our site the escort shows the type of services they perform, but if what you like is on that list, then it is OK to request it.

Compare that to being at home. If you ask for something like anal, you may get dumped and ridiculed. Escorts are more open and that makes these encounters really special.


3) They Want To Try a Fantasy

Trying a fantasy is always better with an escort. Take the sexy teacher for example. If you do it at home, your partner may have no experience in this kind of role play, so your fantasy may turn out to be a complete and utter shambles.

Escorts on the other hand have so much knowledge of these kind of situations, so you will be able to enjoy yourself and find out if it is everything you dreamed about.


4) It is a Quick Route to Having Sex

This is a big one. It isn’t a case of punters being unable to find women in the real world, but it is such a bloody hassle.

You go out on a date, and you may not even get on. In a nightclub, you could buy a girl a number of drinks, and she could end up with some asshole in a tight white shirt.

With an escort, things are a LOT less complicated, if you know what I mean.


5) It is Less Complicated

If you can’t be bothered having a relationship, seeing escorts is by far and away the best thing you can do.

Compare that to meeting women for one night stands. We have all been in that situation where the girl won’t leave us alone. It really is a pain in the ass.

Escorts don’t want you pestering them after the event. It really is the perfect example of ‘no strings attached’.


So there we go. Don’t believe the MSM; punters are normal people who have just discovered how awesome the escort industry is. It is fair to say we are ahead of the curve.

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