Why Mature Women Are Better In Bed

For most people, the desire to be amazing in bed drives them to try new things and to experiment with their bodies in the bedroom, as being great in bed means that you will get to enjoy hot and passionate sex whenever you jump into bed with someone. A lot of younger people seem to believe that, since they have oodles of energy in the spur of the moment, that they are the best in bed, but that really isn’t the case.

Sexy mature woman

Lots of people believe that the best in bed are actually mature women, and they feel they have had enough opportunities with them to know they have plenty of great skills in bed to make you feel fantastic. So, just what is it that makes mature women so much better in bed than everyone else?

Here on the Escort Scotland blog we take a look at what it is that makes mature women such goddesses in bed, and why spending time with the sexy mature escorts in Scotland is the best thing that you could be doing!

Experience on their side

As time goes by, you get to pick up a few new things in bed. You get experience on your side so that you can really impress the people you fuck, and because you have tried out many different things you tend to know what does and doesn’t work for others in bed.

This is why sex with a mature woman is so much fun. They have had the time to try out new things in bed and to experiment, and this can be a great help for you in the bedroom.

During their time they might have found a sex position that works perfectly, and so when you want to try something new they can easily slip into it without issue and make you feel fantastic.

This experience just makes the whole thing so much more intense, as they will have so many great tricks up their sleeves to surprise you and make you feel good. These tricks might be ones that you have never experienced before, and so they add something new and exciting to the bedroom fun!

They know their own bodies

It takes a long time for most people to learn about themselves. In fact, a lot of people feel like they don’t really know themselves that well until they are in at least their thirties, and for many this is why spending time with mature women is totally worth it.

Mature women have had the time to not only gain experience in bed, but also to gain experience in bed with their own bodies. They know themselves and their body very well, so they are aware of what their sexy bodies are capable of as well as the things that do and don’t work for them in bed.

That means that, if a position isn’t working for them, they can tell you one that will work out much better for you. They can show you the right way to touch their bodies to get them to orgasm and possibly even to squirt, which makes you feel like a sex god.

As they know their bodies so well it means you waste less time in the bedroom experimenting with different things. They will have the confidence to show you exactly how sex with them works and you will love every single moment of it.

Not afraid to ask

Of course, all of the experience they have still might not be enough to know what you personally love and hate in the bedroom. You might think that there is absolutely no way their experience and confidence in their own bodies can be useful here, but you’d be wrong.

Mature women know that plenty of time is wasted in bed by people messing around and not having any clue what they are doing and if the things they are doing work for their partner. So, instead of floundering around trying to figure out what works for you, they might simply ask.

Asking means that they can ensure you get what you want, and it saves a lot of disappointing sex by simply talking to you about your desires in bed. Younger people tend to be a little more closed off when it comes to talking about sex, but mature women love it.

It means that everyone gets to have fun in the bedroom and leave happy, instead of faking it and making it seem as though they had a good time when they didn’t. The whole point of sex is to make others feel good, and by asking questions they can then achieve that.

Just want to have fun!

One of the biggest reasons that mature women have some of the best sex is that they understand what sex is all about, and that is fun. The whole point of sex is to have fun and share pleasure with someone else, so they worry far less about the other things that often get dragged into sex.

If you’re feeling angry or frustrated about something in your life, sex is the best way to deal with it. It allows you to let off steam and have fun while you’re doing it, and since mature women understand this they will work hard to make sure you both have fun.

Mature women, it seems, have the whole package. They can be kind and caring when you want them to be, before taking control in the bedroom and making sure you know exactly what turns them on the most and how to get them off.

That’s what we think, but what do you think? Are mature women better in bed than anyone else, or do you consider yourself something of a sex god? Let us know in the comment box below or head over to the Escort Scotland forum and join in the discussion over there.

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