What Is The Unusual Fetish Of Zentai?

We all have different interests when it comes to sex. Some people like to keep things very vanilla, while others might love the idea of being tied up and whipped by their partner. There are also a growing number out there who have decided that zentai is the way for them to go.

A woman wearing a zentai suit

No, that isn’t just a word that we have made up. Zentai is a real lifestyle… but what is it? We take a look at this unusual trend here on the Escort Scotland blog.

What is it?

You will probably be familiar with zentai, even if you don’t know it by this name. In the UK, they are known as Morphsuits. In the States they are RootSuits or Superfan suits, while in Finland they are simply known as Jhymiskins.

Basically, these suits are very tight. They leave nothing to the imagination, and because they are skin-tight it is difficult to wear anything underneath them.

The green man in a morphsuit dancing
Original source: Know Your Meme

For many people, it feels incredibly uncomfortable. It can feel claustrophobic and strange… while others enjoy the fact that it shows off their body without being naked.

Another appeal for many people is that they often cover your entire body. Yes, your head and face included. Sure, seeing might be a bit of a challenge here, but no-one will have any idea who you are… and that is one of the biggest turn ons for many people.

What has it become?

As you might have guessed from the name, as it is pretty much hentai with one letter swapped, the word zentai comes from Japan. Here it has evolved into something far kinkier. It isn’t simply a suit that you slip into to remain anonymous… people actually go to parties in order to meet others and hook up.

A woman in a zentai suit rubs her body
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The anonymity of the suits makes people feel like they can be a lot freer and more at ease on a date. They can be whoever they want to be, and because you won’t be judged for your face in the same way you might on a traditional date. That is why the movement and community attracts so many more people.

Why do people like zentai?

There are a number of different reasons why people might like to put on a skin-tight suit that shows off all of their curves. For many, it has a similar appeal as lycra and leather. It clings to the body and looks incredibly sexy. The only difference is that your head is covered too.

It also provides a little anonymity. No-one has any idea who you are beneath the suit, which means that you can act a little sexier. You can be who you want to be, as the couple discuss in the clip below.

Of course, some people love the anonymity because it means that they can get up to mischief. Zentai sex parties are increasing in popularity, where the attendees are all dressed in the suits. They will then lie down on a bed together and start kissing, as best they can, all over each others’ bodies.

The fact that you can’t see or feel someone’s skin, but you can still touch and turn them on, is a huge attraction. It makes sex that little bit more exciting… no wonder so many people love doing it!

A growing community

It is a growing community, with plenty of people keen to explore their sexy side in these suits. However, it is also still quite taboo. People don’t understand why people would like to do it, as Vicky Pattison discovered when she visited Japan for Channel 4’s “World of Weird” documentary.

Her reaction afterwards made it pretty clear that, while she could understand the appeal of it, it just wasn’t for her, and that what happened at the sex party was a little too weird for her.

A woman in zentai dances around
Original source: Gifsoup

So this is clearly not the fetish for everyone… but is it something that you would be willing to try? Personally, I don’t know if I could. The lack of ability to see clearly puts me off a little, and the fact that you can’t really touch your partner properly is a turn off for me.

But what do you think? Would you give it a go or would you rather try something else? Let us know what you think in the comment box below or by heading over to the Escort Scotland forum and joining in the discussion over there.

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