The Sensual Art of Kissing

Kissing is one of life’s simplest pleasures – and we Scots cannot get enough of it. A recent survey by online dating site Zoosk concluded that over two thirds of Brits would kiss someone they’ve just met, and over half of us are comfortable enough to lock lips in public. As a nation of kissers, we must have the skills. We definitely have the experience; a study by Oral B found that on average we want to be kissed between five and ten times a day. A bad kiss however, can end a date or be a serious turn off. Zoosk noted that 73% of participants said that at some point they had dated someone who was a bad kisser. That’s a lot of terrible kisses! You could be new to kissing or have been doing it for years; but you might be making mistakes that are stopping you from getting all the kisses you want. Here are some tips to ensure you’re getting your five a day;

Let your mouth do all the work

When asked what turns them off; a quarter of the participants said those we kiss with their eyes open. In fact, 83% prefer to kiss with their eyes closed. Eye contact is powerful; it’s a way to show our feelings and the desires we have. There is no denying that eye contact is sexy, but as you close in for the kiss why not give those eyes a rest and put all your energy into the lip action.

Soft and Sensual

Lovers embrace

We’ve all experienced it – a partner whose tongue likens a stray sock swirling around a washing machine. If you want to be a sexy kisser, hold off on the tongue plunging. Why not use your tongue to tease instead? Start by gently kissing each lip before planting a kiss over the entire mouth. Trace their lips with your finger and then back to tender kissing. Next try slowly putting your tongue inside their mouth, and gently stroke your tongue over theirs. They’ll be wanting you to pick up the pace. This is guaranteed to leave them wanting more.

Oral Hygiene

This may sound obvious, but bad oral hygiene is a massive no-no. Bad breathe is the number one turn off with almost two thirds of those who participated in Zoosk’s survey agreeing. If you’re heading out on a date; brush your teeth and always carry gum. That way you’re covered if you’re pizza contains a little more garlic than you were expecting. If you’re a smoker – chewing gum and washing your hands after a cigarette will help eliminate the bad smell. You might not find it a problem, but your kissing partner probably will.

Mix It Up

This tip is aimed more at those who are in a long-term relationship. Once we have found a style we like, we tend to stick at it out of comfort (and probably) routine. Don’t let your kissing technique go stale. A good kiss doesn’t have to be just about lips and tongues. Why not incorporate something new to spice it up. Kissing may be natural, but it doesn’t need to be boring! Naturally your bodies are going to be pretty close while you’re making out. But to start, keep your body a little further away than normal, so that you are not in full contact with your kissing partner. As the excitement increases, press your body firmly against theirs. This is bound to lead to a passionate smooch session.

Don’t hold back on being vocal either, as this can really steam up a kiss. Letting out a small moan not only signals your enjoyment, but creates a tiny vibration which will add a new sensation to your kissing. Talking of sensations; use your hands to slowly stroke your partners back, face, bum, legs or even hair. Whatever feels good for you both (listen out for any moans of pleasure). These spontaneous changes could make the difference between an average and a mind-blowing kiss.

Young couple kissing, close-up

It’s All About The Confidence

This is a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. Those with confidence will always deliver the best results. Try to relax, remember, kissing is fun and intimate and sexy. As mentioned before, having fresh breath will ensure you’re more confident and relaxed, so remember to always carry some gum. Most importantly you need to believe you are a good kisser. The person who is kissing you wants to do it because they find you unbelievably sexy. You are sexy, so start believing it and start embracing it. To double your kissing capacity and boost confidence, why not talk to an escort in Glasgow. They are professionals who can give advice on ways to perfect your kissing in a confidential setting, allowing you to explore new techniques and find your self-confidence.

Listen to your partner

Everyone is different and turned on and off by different things. So take the time to talk to your kissing partner and find out what they prefer. When experimenting with kissing techniques; pay attention to their body language and noises they make. These will give you a clear indication of which techniques need to be ditched and which techniques are driving are working a treat.

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